The AGENDA of the Scientific-methodological seminar

«Bases of innovative education in modern higher school»

Patriotic education of youth in the conditions of improvement of the civil society.

Сщтекшигещк: Golovacheva V., Director of EMD, 10 minutes

Representation of  innovative educational technologies in the system of Patriotic education of the University.

Reporter: Gotting V.V., PE department, 20 minutes

3. The use of interactive technologies in Patriotic education.

Reporter: Smirnova G.M., Director TIMTO, 20 minutes

4.  Professional education of patriotism in a technical university with studying humanities.

Contributor: Ogoltsova E.G, senior lect.of HK Dep., 15 minutes

Karaganda,  05 April 2014.

Venue : Assembly hall of the main building

Time- 10.00