TERSID Technical education of recourse conservation for industrial development


TERSID – regional project with participation of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, directed on updating some academic programmes in the sphere of technical subjects by adoption of more modern and effective technologies for conservation of nature resources (raw materials, fossil fuels, water) to prevent and reduce impacts of sewage, solid waste and air pollutants. Partners from academia, industries, national authorities and non-governmental organizations take part in the project. Educational component of the project focuses on two various levels, academic and professional.

Objectives of the project with related results (in brackets)

-Dissemination of European standards in higher education of Central Asia (adoption of regional systems of unit-credits)

-Creation and development of education system between academic partners, using updated general modules on resources conservation, pollution control and proficiency (determination of modules)

-Cooperation development between partners on programme creation, that meet industrial and professional needs, both in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan (determination of programmes)

Specific objectives with appropriate results

1. Updating of existing MA courses in the sphere of industrial technologies with use of academic programmes of European partners and experience of local partners.

2. Organization of continuing education courses (LLL) for active specialists and workers of industry in accordance with needs in the sphere of industrial development.

3. Organization of industrial practice for students and realization of events in cooperation with partners from industrial sphere for transfer direct and practical experience.

4. Preparation and retraining of engineers in created in Knowledge Platform for resource conservation in Turin polytechnic university in Tashkent.

Lead time of project:

October 15,2011  — January 14,2013

Project coordinator in Europe – Turin polytechnic university (Italy) link to the University’s website (httpwww.polito.it)