Project Tempus-IV (EU)



«The Quality of Engineering Education in Central Asia»




QUEECA 2012 logical framework matrix


Project duration: 15.10.12-14.10.15



Management reform: Introduction of quality assurance

(regional and national priorities for Structural dimensions for all the countries of Central Asia).

Project coordinator: University of Florence (Italy)


Financing: 1 105 793,64 (EUR)


The general objective of the project:

Create and start the implementation of a system for ensuring quality of engineering education in Central Asia with the final accreditation of engineering programs: this system will be based on European (EUR-ACE standards and associated quality requirements and procedures and will have an advantage experience in European higher education (through ENAEE) and efforts in Kazakhstan (KazSEE).


Main objectives of the project:

1. Creation of communities on engineering education (in Kazakhstan – strengthening KazSEE) and Regional Federation of EES in Central Asia partnership with SEFI and IFEES.

2. Establishment of national technical accreditation centres able to conduct a technical accreditation in the respective country (Regional coordination)

3. Adaptation to Central Asia European EUR-ACE standards and procedures

4. Conduct several trial accreditations for testing of the first projects CAEAS.

5. Formulation of technical Standards accreditation Central Asia (CAEAS) in Russian and English languages.

6. Holding of the first testing of the (real) accreditation of engineering programs throughout Central Asia.


Secondary goals of the project:

1. Conducting reduced intensive English program of teaching University staff involved in the project

2. Creation of a database system for all accreditation and related procedures


ENAEE – European network for accreditation of engineering education

SEFI – European society for training engineers

IFEES – International Federation of communities on engineering education

KazSEE – Kazakh community on engineering education


Consortium members

European Union: Italy (UNIFI, UNIROM, USGIT), UK (MDX), Germany (ASIIN, USD), Belgium (ENAEE, SEFI)

Countries of Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan (KSTU/KG, KSUCTA), Tajikistan (MMIT, TTU), Uzbekistan (TSTU, TUIT).


• Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

• Serikbayev East-Kazakhstan state technical University

•Al-Pharabi Kazakh national University

• Kazakh community on engineering education (KazSEE)

• Karaganda State Technical University

•Auyezov  South-Kazakhstan state technical university, Shymkent


Membership of the working group of KSTU


Project coordinator from the University: Cand.Ped.Sci., associate Professor, Director of SRI Smirnova G.M.


Executors of the project:

Egorov V.V. – Ph.D, Professor, Vice-Rector on Educational Affairs

Zhunusova G.E. – Head of the Center of quality management and accreditation

Jantassova D.D. – Cand.Ped.Sci., associate Professor, head of Department of foreign languages

Gotting V.V. – Cand.Ped.Sci., assistant Professor of professional education

Shebalina O.A. – master, Junior researcher of the Institute of problems of professional technical education




Working group of KSTU 2012-2013 took participation in the following events on the project:





Participants from KSTU


Seminar on QUEECA project

Ramada Tashkent Hotel and Tashkent state technical university (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Director of SRI Smirnova G.M. – Coordinator of the project from KSTU.


Monitoring of the project QUEECA in Kazakhstan

Serikbayev EKSTU (Kazakhstan)

Director of SRI Smirnova G.M. – Coordinator of the project from KSTU.


Forum on project QUEECA

Al-Pharabi KazNTU (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Director of SRI Smirnova G.M. – Coordinator of the project from KSTU.


Launching meeting on QUEECA project

Villa Vigoni (Italy)

1. Director of SRI Smirnova G.M. – Coordinator of the project from KSTU.

2. Head of Foreign Languages Department –Jantassova D.D.. – participant of the project