The theme of the master class: “March 1-gratitude Day»

22.02.2019 in 517 the audience of the 2nd corps group BDZ-18s of the Department of KA FROM the mining faculty held a master class.

Curator of group Sydykbaeva D. S. she noted the topic and purpose of the master class. The master class was attended by all students. Students were acquainted with the historical and official data of the day of gratitude on March 1, showed the main goals and importance of the topic in a slide presentation and made presentations. Then three teams “Rizashylyk”, “letter of thanks”, “Lander” presented their assignments. During the homework we watched a video slide presentation about how they did good to the “Large family”. On each question on fixing of a subject answered the asked questions. At the end we saw a video slide of the group, which expressed gratitude to the mothers. Each group thanked and summed up the lesson.

In the master-class was attended by S. T. Tungyshbaeva Vice Dean for educational Affairs, member of the Board of elders of the mining faculty Sharipov N. X., Botabek, Almagul Anuarbekovna Methodist Patriotic education.

At the end of the master class Botabek Almagul anuarbekovna Methodist of Patriotic education and S. Tungyshbaeva T. Deputy Dean for educational work of the faculty of mining noted the success of the master class, prepared by students and curator of the group, expressing congratulations and comments.