Teleconference: “Specialized and industry solutions of management of business processes at the enterprise”

On November 27, 2018 in KARGTU the teleconference with the large Russian IT integrator – the Borlas company took place.

Teleconference subject: “Specialized and industry solutions of management of business processes at the enterprise”.
The teleconference was organized of the ICS by the Karaganda state technical university together with the invited scientist professor IrinaYu. Petrova and the Borlas consulting group (Department of Industrial Decisions for Power), Moscow.
Not only representatives of the KGTU leading departments (“Power systems”, “Automation of automation of production operations”, “Information and computing systems”, “Information technologies and safety” and “Industrial transport”), but also large enterprises of the city became participants of a teleconference (SPF «Ergonomics», «Energy System LLP», PM “Power coal”, “Karaganda Power center” of “Epam Kazakhstan”, “Karaganda Heat transit”, “ERP Company”.
The director of the department of industrial decisions for power A.V. Mazayev and his employees told about large design decisions of the Boral’s Company in the field of business process automation of power complexes and transport structures:
• The integrated system of planning by electricity generation, the thermal energy.
• The integrated system of planning of the rolling stock on office of the railroad (transportations, giving of cars under loading, etc.).
• Effective monitoring of the equipment distributed in large territories by means of mobile devices.
• Intellectual accounting of energy consumption. Current trends of management of assets, works, power this.
Participants of a teleconference actively asked questions and discussed information. The Boral’s Company transferred the presentations about projects to Department of «Information and computing systems». These presentations will be very useful to employees and students of departments – participants of a teleconference and also to the enterprises interested in cooperation with the large Russian IT integrator.