TEMPUS Team of KSTU project

Rector, corresponding member of NAS RK- GAZALIYEV A.M.

Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, Doct.Ped.Sci., professor – EGOROV V.V.

Vice-rector on Innovations and academic-and-methodological work, Doct.Tech.Sci., professor- ISSAGULOV A.Z.

Director of Organization of Education Process Department, Doct.Tech.Sci., professor – PORTNOV V.S.

Doct.Tech.Sci., professor of WOMD Department – TURSSUNBAYEVA A.K.

Cand.Tech.Sci., senior lecturer of WOMD Department – MAUSSUMBAYEVA A.D.

Head of APP Department, Doct.Tech.Sci., professor  – BREYDO I.V.

Doctor Tech.Sci., professor of APP Department – Feshin B.N.

Head of WOMD Department, Doct.Tech.Sci., professor – ISSABEK T.K.

Doct.Tech.Sci., professor of WOMD Department – DEMIN V.Ph.

Head of TM Department, Doct.Tech.Sci., professor- ZHETESSOVA G.S.

Cand.Tech.Sci., professor of WOMD Department – KAMAROV R.K.

Head of MMT&N Department, Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor – KULIKOV V.Yu.

Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor MMT&N Department– DAKHNO L.A.