Team building “Interfaith unity is the basis of spiritual harmony”

On 12.10.2022, the sports team building “Interfaith unity- the basis of spiritual harmony” was held in the sports complex named after Abylkas Saginov by the Department of FW together with the Department of SRS of the Faculty of FIEM.

Religious denominations of the Karaganda region from six teams participated in this event.

The team building was attended by honorary guests from the regional Akimat, managers and employees of the MAP.

Students of two streams of faculties of ASF, MF, GF were attracted as fans.

The goal of team building for religious denominations was to unite teams. As a rule, it is based on team games that teach teams to work together to achieve a common goal.

This type of team building has become very popular and remains one of the most beloved and spectacular, it is chosen by those who are not looking for easy ways and are not afraid of difficulties. Difficult, but the most interesting tasks in sports were chosen: kettlebells, checkers, asyk ata, table tennis, tug of war. To win, the teams had to interact very closely with each other, make difficult decisions and indisputably follow their captains.

It is noteworthy that Kazakhstan is one of the first countries in the CIS that, in a difficult time of global contradictions, managed to make the idea of spiritual harmony a real force.

The greatest wealth of our country is, first of all, our unity. This is the peace and harmony that we have. (Coverage of 900 people).