Teaching AIDS for preparation to entrance examinations to the magistracy, postgraduate, residency and doctoral studies

The national testing center (hereinafter — NTC) in 2016 plans to release training manuals (hereinafter referred to as the TM) to prepare applicants for entrance examinations in a magistracy, postgraduate study, residency and doctoral studies in foreign languages (English, German, French).

The TM contains methodological recommendations on the preparation for testing, samples of tests and codes of correct answers, CD containing voiced texts for the first block of tests, and texts , audio recordings in the end of the book, and a list of recommended literature. The cost of 1 TM per language — 2250 Tg.

For grant applications please to  February 19,2016 to fill the form in an automated software in the WEB application “Application for teaching AIDS in foreign languages” available on the website http://prob.ncgsot.kz/ump/ .