Student’s awards

Following the results of work of Interuniversity student’s scientific conference «Innovations in equipment, technology and education» (24 Higher education institutions from the countries of the near and far abroad participated), passing in the Karaganda State Technical University on April 19-20 2012г., pupils of Technological college, section: «The philosophy and social development», are noted by the following results:
– Ivanov Vyacheslav, group 9KED-10-1: it is awarded by the Organizing committee Diploma for a busy III place (head Tibatina T.Yu.);
– Dmitrichenko Anna, group 9KZhD-09-2e: it is awarded by the Organizing committee Diploma for active participation in conference work (head Natesova V. K.).

On 30th of March 2012 in Legal Academy “Phemida” was organized the International scientific conference of students and undergraduates «Legal and social-economic problems of modern society» in which took part representatives of student’s youth of the countries of the near and far abroad.
Representatives of our college took part in work of the International scientific conference also:
1. Dmitrichenko A., Nalivayko T. (pupils of 9KЖД-09-2e group): About formation of institute of a mediatsiya in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2. Abdykhadirov A. (pupils of 9KЭП-09 group, 9KЭД-10-1 group): Patriotism as means of formation of civil identity of youth in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
3. Briko A. (the pupil of 9KCC-09-1e group):
the Board and a sword are about the role of idea in the history
The organizing committee of the International scientific student’s conference noted substantial performances of pupils of our college, having awarded all participants and research supervisors (Natesova V. K. and Tibatina T.Yu.) by diplomas and letters of thanks of the rector of Legal Academy “Phemida”.