Student groups

Circle «Structural geology» – the head of a circle organizes meetings with leading geologists of a city. Spends between students debates on the various themes, concerning structural geology and construction of geological cards and cuts. Studying and researches of geological and tectonic cards of different areas of Kazakhstan, and near lying republics are spent.
Circle «Mine geology» – the head of a circle learns students to documentation drawing up by working out of coal deposits. Gives talks on themes of splitting and replacement of coal layers, газоносность coals and tectonics of a mine field. Studying of a roof of coal layers, drawing up of schematic cards of replacement of containing breeds are spent.
The circle «Historical geology and paleontology» – the head of a circle is organized viewing of films on various themes: stories of development of the Earth, earth crust;
– About ability to live of dinosaurs,
– About minerals and the rocks, composing a terrestrial surface.
The teacher gives for students interesting themes for drawing up of reports by them, spends debates on the geological themes having of some points of view.

The circle “Petrography” – Is spent studying properties of sedimentary breeds, and also the factors influencing these properties. Evenings of reports on various themes are spent. Students study macroscopical and microscopic properties of rocks of the Maksimovsky site. The head of a circle holds various competitions between students to lift interest to the given discipline. Organize svisiting of geologicalmuseum of “Centrkaznedra”.

Photo gallery from classes of circles