Students innovation

Participation of students of the specialty “Radio Engineering Electronics and Telecommunications” in contests:

  1. Student of “Energy, Automation and Telecommunications” Faculty c. RET-14-3 (3rd year) Bekmuhambetov Said won 3rd place in the competition “Zharatylystanu-tehnikalyқ, әleumettіk-gumanitarlyқ zhane ekonomikalyқ ғylymdar boyynsha studentterdің eң Uzdik ғylymi zhұmysyna arnalғan respublikalyқ bayқau”, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2017;
  2. A student of the Faculty of “Power, Automation and Telecommunications” gr. РЭТ-16-1 (1 year) Tuleubaev J. took 1st place in the competition of the best anti-corruption videos among university students conducted by the Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Affairs, 2017.