In compliance with the University Academic Council of September 10, 2010 about reorganizing the Direction of science and international cooperation  into the Science Department (SD) in the new structure there are included two divisions::

–       a division of research works;

–       a division of innovations and prospective development.

As a result of reorganizing there has been confirmed the following staff of Science department:


  1. SD Director – Mukhamedyarov D.Z.
  2. SD Deputy Director – Aitzhanov M.N.
  3. SD Chief Expert – Moiseyev V.S.
  4. Deputy Chief Accountant on R&D  – Chichayeva L.A.


Division of research works

  1. Head of division – Ovsishcher L.V.
  2. Engineer-economist – Oryngozhina S.Ye.
  3. Engineer-metrologists – Aimagambetova R.Zh.
  4. Engineer on SR&D  – Myrzabekova D.A.
  5. Engineer on R&D  – Balgabekova G.G.


Division of innovations and prospective development

  1. Head of division – Baimuldin М.М.
  2. Division specialist – Botbayeva Z.A.
  3. Engineer on innovations – Ashimova D.E.