Managing chairman of «Mine- surveying and geodesy» department at Karaganda State Technical University. The winner of the award of KazSSR Ministerial Council in the field of science and technics, doc. of tech. sciences, the professor, the academician of the Kazakhstan national academy of natural sciences. After graduation from KarPTI, he has distributed on chair of «Mine- surveying and geodesy» department where has taken place a way from the engineer to the professor, managing chair MSaG (1998-2008). From March, 2008 till January, 2009 – he was the KSTU pro-rector on scientific work and international contacts. Since January, 2009 to nowadays – he is managing chair of «Mine- surveying and geodesy» department in KSTU. He is the expert in geomechanics of open-cast minings of mineral deposits, mine-surveying and geodesy. There are published more than 160 proceedings, including 4 monographies, 5 brochures and 5 patents for inventions. He has prepared two doctors and 11 candidates of science. He is the chairman of dissertational Council D14.61.05 in KSTU on award of scientific degrees. He was awarded by the USSR (1988), the of Ministerial council KazSSR in the field of a science and technics (1989), the laudable reading and writing of MES RК (2003г is awarded by silver medal VDNH.), appropriated by a breastplate of MON РК «For successes in science development in RК» (2007 y.) the rank “the Engineer of the year” (1990). He is noted by the Grant «Best teacher of high school» (2007).




The professor of chair «Mine- surveying and geodesy» department, Dr. Tech.Sci. Has graduated from the Kazakh polytechnical institute in 1962. He has developed O.S. BАBО (Omyrzak Sabdenbekuly. Бірлік алаңшалардағы бағандардыңорнықтылығы) method for an estimation of files rocks condition for the purpose of the forecast of a place of the formed centers of display of various kinds of  deformations and oscillatory processes including seismological. Besides, the method O.S. BАBО allows estimate degree of influence of technogenic factors on a geomechanical and ecological condition of regions where there are conducted obtaining works of minerals, buildings of hydroconstructions, town-planning, etc. He is preparing 5 candidates of science. Total amount of scientific proceedings – is 112, including 106 after protection of the master’s thesis, manuals – 3, scientific monographies – 2, copyright certificates – 3, patents – 1, prepatents 14. He is awarded with the diploma of Zhezkazgansky regional fund of development of culture, science and education (1993) both the thanks letter and gold sign on ZhezU of O.A.Bajkonurova, (2005).



Dr.Sci.Tech., the senior lecturer. The graduator of MSaG department. He gives lectures on 4 disciplines. He conducts active scientific and pedagogical activity. He is the author of more than 40 scientific publications, 3 manuals. He has developed 4 manuals, has let out more than 10 electronic grants, on 3 disciplines EОS (the Internet version) and more than 20 slide – lectures. He is awarded by «Miner’s glory» sign (2009г.) for high achievements in labor activity. He is responsible on work with undergraduates on chair, actively participates in organizational-methodical work and public life of chair and faculty. He spends educational work among students, being the curator of group. He is awarded by an anniversary medal «For valorous work», a breast badge «Higher school of the USSR» for excellent successes in work (1988г.), a medal «Veteran of work» (1988г.). It publishes 55 proceedings.



The senior lecturer of «Mine- surveying and geodesy» department,  Cand.Tech.Sci. Is the author of three manuals on land and cartographo-topographical disciplines in the Kazakh language, performs research works in the field of rational use of bowels. The received results are introduced in manufacture and published in the press. He is engaged in working out of a technique of the cartographical image of the geoecological phenomena and the decision map and morphometrical problems. There are published scientific articles.



Dr.Sci.Tech. The graduator of MSaG department (1984y.). In 1992-1996 worked as the divisional surveyor on the Shubarkolsky cut. In 1994 has protected the master’s thesis. In 1999-2001 – doctoral studies of KSTU on «Mine-surveing» speciality. 2001-2006 – the senior lecturer of MSaG in KarGtU. From 2006 he works as the head of department of a science and the international cooperation of KSTU. He is the expert in mine geomechanics and surveying. There are published over 100 scientific works, including 1 monography in the co-authorship. Executor NIR on a number mineral deposits. During labor activity he was repeatedly encouraged with administration certificates of honor and thanks.



Cand.Tech.Sci., (2006y.), the senior lecturer. Works on «Mine- surveying and geodesy» department as the senior teacher from 2001y. The graduator of MSaG department (1988г.). Gives lectures on 5 disciplines on which there are prepared EОS. She is the author of 7 typical curriculums. Has more than 70 printing works, takes part in Republican and International scientific conferences. Is the head NIL №11 «Mine-surveying, the geomechanics and geometrization of bowels», actively participates in research activity of chair. She is awarded by a sign «Miner’s glory» of 3 degree.




The senior lecturer of «Mine- surveying and geodesy» chair. The graduator of MSaG department (1987y.), postgraduates 1999-2001, works on MSaG department from 2001y., as the assistant, in 2004y. There has been passed master’s thesis protection. In 2007 y. she has received a rank of the senior lecturer. Gives lectures on 4 disciplines on which are prepared EОS. Is engaged in research work on chair by results of the executed works there are published 2 manuals, more than 30 articles and theses at the International and Republican conferences. She is responsible on SMK, adviser on a speciality 050711 to «Geodesy and cartography», actively participates in organizational-methodical work and public life of chair and faculty. Spends educational and research work among students.



The Graduate of MSaG department, works on MSaG as the senior teacher since 1999. Gives lectures on 6 disciplines on which there are prepared EОS. The author of 3 textbooks, has prepared 4 typical curriculums according to GОSО on a bachelor degree, 3 SMKT in Kazakh and 5 SMKT in Russian languages. There are prepared and published in 2007 y. 1 manual and 4 methodical instructions for performance of laboratory and practical works. Has 12 scientific publications, takes active part in scientific conferences, supervises over scientific works of students. She is the deputy managing chair on studding- methodical work, actively participates in organizational-methodical work and public life of chair and faculty. Spends educational work among students, is the curator of group and adviser of chairs.



The senior teacher of  «MSaG» department. She has been working on «MSaG» department since 1988. Has graduated from the department in 1987. In 1992 has finished postgraduate study. Gives lectures on 6 disciplines. She has developed 4 typical curriculums. Has prepared and has published 2 manuals, 6 electronic textbooks, video-lecture on a theme «Carrying out of studding-geodetic practice in Karkaralinske»; has 6 certificates on improvement of professional skill, including one international; 12 methodical instructions; has prepared 1 textbook and 3 manuals for the edition which have taken place competition in 2005 within the limits of the budgetary program of MES RК 008 and now are in an edition and approbation stage. Has over 30 scientific printing works, takes part in Republican and International scientific conferences, supervises over a student’s circle, students have reading and writing and prize-winning places of republican level.



was born in 1965, the Kazakh, has graduated from Abajsky mine technical school in 1980 y., in 1995y. Moscow open mine university on a specialty «Mine-surveying». The senior teacher of chair “MSaG” in KSTU since December 2003y. Has publications in the international conferences (3 articles). Has prepared 19 syllabuses.







The senior teacher of chair MSaG, in 1999г has with distinction graduated from KazNTU (Almaty) on a specialty «Mine-surveying». Works on MSaG chair KSTU from 2001y. Gives lectures and spends a practical training on 8 disciplines in a state language. The author of 5 studding-methodical works written in Kazakh language, 5 scientific publications. Supervises the educational geodetic practice SОL of “Politehnik” in Karkaralinsk. Conducts active public and educational work: is engaged in professional orientation work with high schools pupils of graduation classes and is the curator of group.



was born in 1965, has graduated from KazPTI speciality «Mine-surveuing» in 1988. Cand.Tech.Sci. Works as the senior teacher of “MSaG” department in KSTU. Has 15 summer industrial experience. 7 disciplines are read in Kazakh and Russian languages. Supervises over educational geodetic practice on the higher geodesy. Has publications in the international conferences (3 articles), publications in other editions (9 articles), has prepared 12 SMKT.



Associate professor, the Candidate in Technical Sciences at “mine-surveying and department. Has graduated from KSTU on the “mine-surveying” specialty (in 2001y.), has finished magistracy (in 2002 y.) with excellent marks, finished undergraduate study in 2005. Since 2006 y. to 2009 y. he has worked as the head of the international collaboration of KSTU. He has protected candidate thesis on the theme: “The methodic improvement of mine-surveyor observations of the state of career slopes using global positional systems”. In 2000 y. he has obtained the certificate of Goethe institute “Deutsch als Fremdsprache”. In 2005 and 2008 y. won the german fund DAAD`s international grant to conduct the scientific practice period at the technical university in Klaustal city (Germany). In 2007 organized trip to Germany together with the students of mine department to visit Tsittau/Goerlitz institute and Klaustal Technical University. He takes participation in scientific research work at the laboratory № 11 “mine surveying, geomechanics and geometrization of depths”, he has 25 publications, including the international conferences and 2 preliminary patents for the invention. Actively he participates in the public life of department, faculty and university.  He leads the student scientific work.



Teacher of MS&G department, Candidate of Technical Sciences. Graduated from KARGTU in «Economy at the enterprise» specialty (2002г.). For the time of work at university participated in carrying out researches at the enterprises: LLP Kazakhmys Corporation, Zhayremsky GOK corporation, NOVA Zink LLP, etc. The main direction of carried-out scientific researches is instrumental control of a condition of stability of boards of pits. He has 10 printing works, the monography, manuals.



The teacher of «MSaG» department, Cand.Tech.Sci. Has graduated from KSTU on a speciality «Mine-surveying» (2006 y.), in parallel has finished in absentia Tomsk state university of control systems and radio engineering (ТUSCR). During work at university has participated in carrying out of research works at the enterprises: “Corporation Kazahmys”, joint-stock company «Zhajremsky GOK», joint-stock company “SSMCО”, etc. Has 21 printing work, the monography, manuals. In 2008 has visited trainings on modern mine-surveying -geodetic devices and GIS to technologies in Moscow (Russia) and Heerburg (Switzerland). Conducts laboratory and a practical training on three disciplines.



In 2005г. has ended with distinction KSTU on a speciality ««Mine-surveying». A master in 6N0707 “Mining” (2005-2007г.г.), has been working on «MSaG» department since 2005 y. as the assistant, the teacher from 2007. Conducts laboratory and a practical training on 8 disciplines. Has 2 scientific publications in the international conferences, has prepared 2 SMKT, including 1 in state language, takes active part in public and research life of chair.



The teacher of chair «Mine- surveying and geodesy». In 2006 has ended the Karaganda «Geomechanics (geophysics, a miner aerology, destruction of rocks by explosion)». Has been working on chair «Mine- surveying and geodesy» the Karaganda state technical university since 2009 y. Olenjuk S.P. reads courses of lectures on four disciplines. Studies are made with use of slide lectures and presentations, on two disciplines there are certificates at slide lecture. He takes active part in research activity of chair.State Technical University on a speciality «Mine-surveying». After the termination of KSTU has entered postgraduate study on a full-time course of study on a speciality 25.00.20.



The teacher of «Mine- surveying and geodesy» chair. She has graduated with distinction from KSTU on a speciality 050707 “Mining”, a training trajectory «Mine- surveying». A master in 6M050711 “Geodesy” (2010-2012y.). Spends laboratory and a practical training on 7 disciplines. Studies are spent using multimedia presentations; there are a number of certificates. Since October, 2007 is the head of dombra ensemble in the youth center at KSTU, takes part in solemn actions, concert programs, in exit professional orientation actions of University, in research work of chair, repeatedly participated in students, interuniversity scientific conferences.



The senior teacher of MSaG department . Has graduated KSTU on a specialty “Mine-surveying”. 9 disciplines are read in state language. She has prepared working programs and syllabuses on all disciplines for students, are developed SMKT and tests for control of knowledge. Studies are spent with use of slide lectures and presentations. Actively takes part in research work on the chair. Was the competitor in 2006-2008 y. Conducts research work with students. She actively participates in public life of chair and faculty. Spends educational work with students. Now is the secretary the SAK on a specialty “Mining” on department.



The senior lecturer of MS&G department. Graduated «Mine Surveing» from KarGTU. Reads courses in a state language on nine disciplines. She prepared working programs and sillabuses for students on all disciplines, developed EMCDT and tests for monitoring of knowledge. Studies are made with use of slide lectures and presentations, on two disciplines there are certificates on slide lectures. She actively participates in the research activity of the department.



Conducts laboratory and practical classes on five subjects. Prepared work programs, syllabuses, developed UMKDP, guidelines for laboratory and practical work, as well as tests for control of knowledge. Training sessions are conducted with the use of multimedia presentations, a number of certificates. Have been trained on technical teaching skills.Lecturer MD and G. In 2008, she graduated with honors with a degree 050,707 KSTU “Mining”, the trajectory of learning “Mine Surveying”.



Teacher of MS&G department. In 2006 graduated from the Karaganda State Technical University majoring in «Marksheydersky business». Works as the teacher of mine surveying and geodesy department since 2010. Gives laboratory and practical classes in 8 disciplines. Is responsible for the work of MS&G department with Institute of correspondence distance learning (ICDL). Carries out functions of union organizer chairs. Carries out educational work among students, participates in organizational and methodical work and public life of chair. Passed refresher courses on technical pedagogical skills.



The assistant of MSiG department, in 2005 graduated from KARGTU (Mine surveying speciality). Since 2011 works at mine surveying and geodesy department. Gives laboratory and practical classes. Working programs, sillabuses, EMCDT are prepared, study guides are developed for carrying out laboratory and practical works, and also test tasks for monitoring procedure of knowledge. She actively participates in social life.







The educational master of MSaG chair, has graduated from KSTU on a speciality «Mine-surveying». She has been working at institute since 1991, on MSaG chair since 1994. She successfully provides carrying out of studies and SWS with use of measuring devices available on chair. Takes active part in public life.



The engineer of MDIG chair. Ended the KarGU of E.A.Buketov in 2006 in “Physics”. Works at department since 2006. Is responsible for material support and fire-prevention safety of the department. Carries out instructing in safety measures at fires with students and employees of the department. Actively participates in social live of the department. Engineer of the MD and G. KSTU Graduated in 2012 with a degree “Geodesy and Cartography.” Powered by the department since 2012.



Is responsible for keeping the minutes of the department. Takes an active part in the social life of the department.







Engineer of the MD and H. 2012, he graduated from East State Technical University, “Mining” (Mine Surveying). Takes an active part in the social life of the department