Head of a chair Head of a chair, associate professor, candidate of technical sciences Mechtiev Ali DzhavanshirovichKSTU’s graduate of 1999. He reads courses of “Relay protection and automation”, “Assembling and exploitation of electrical equipment” disciplines. He issued 26 treatises and 50 workbooks, 4 patent of Republic of Kazakhstan.
Akashev Zahir Tahavievich.

Professor, Doctor of Engineering Akashev Zahir Tahavievich.Since 1967 he has passed the way from postgraduate study to professorship of Karaganda Polytechnic Institute (KPI). He published 115 treatises, 20 of them are inventions’ certificates of authorship, 7 of them are monographs (2 Kazakh and 2 Russian). He educated 4 Doctors of Engineering. He is awarded with two honorary diplomas and note of thanks of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic’s Ministry of Education. He talks lectures of “Сommutation systems” discipline.
Oganezov Eduard Saakovich Associate professor, candidate of technical sciences Oganezov Eduard SaakovichKPI graduate of 1965. He has 40 published works, 20 certificates of authorship. He is awarded with decoration of «Miner’s Glory III degree», Silver Medal on the Exhibition of National Economy’s Advancements of USSR, decoration “USSR’s Inventor”, “Labour Veteran” Medal. He talks “Foundations of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunication”, “Management complexes of electric communication” disciplines’ lectures.
Orazgaliev Giniyatulla Shamsullich

Senior teacher, candidate of technical sciences Orazgaliev Giniyatulla ShamsullichKPI graduate of 1968. In 2005 he defended “Geotechnology” speciality’s andidate dissertation.Talks “Discrete messages communication”, “Management complexes” courses. He issued over 90 treatises. He is awarded with “Labour Veteran” medal.
Rahimberlinova Zhanar Baltabaevna

Senior teacher, candidate of chemical sciences, Rahimberlinova Zhanar BaltabaevnaKaraganda State University graduate of 2001. She reads courses of “Technology of electronic radio technique producing”, “Radio materials”, “Electronics, circuit technology of analog devices” disciplines.She issued 14 scientific publications and 1 patent of Republic of Kazakhstan.
Belik Galina Alekseevna

Senior teacher Belik Galina AlekseevnaShe issued 3 workbooks, 7 educational electronic video lectures, presentations. She talks “Modeling of systems and networks of telecommunication”, “Construction foundations and CAD of telecommunications”, “Teletraffic teory”, “Information-measuring equipment and radio metering”, “Management complexes of electric communication” disciplines’ lectures.
Eirih Victor Ivanovich

Senior teacher Eirih Victor IvanovichNovosibirsk Electrotechnical Institute of Communications named after N.D. Psurceva graduate of 2001. He worked at Karaganda College of Communication, “Kazakhtelecom” joint-stock company; he was acting director at TREI-Karaganda limited partnership. He talks “Directing systems of electric communication and fibre optic communication technique”, “Metrology, standardization, certification” lectures’ courses.
Alimov Murat Shingisovich

Senior teacher Alimov Murat ShingisovichHe talks lectures, teaches laboratory and workshop works of “Electric communication theory”, “Wireless communications theory”, “ISDX”, “Radio engineering circuitry and signals”, “Сommutation systems”, “Directing systems of electric communication and fibre optic communication technique” disciplines.
Kshalova Aigul Amzeevna

Senior teacher Kshalova Aigul Amzeevna He lectures on subjects’ simulation systems and telecommunications networks, “” Fundamentals of CAD and telecommunications “,” Teletraffic Theory “,” Information and measuring equipment and radio.
Mishienko Vladimir Ivanovich

Senior teacher Mishienko Vladimir IvanovichHe is practitioner at “Energoinform” agency (affiliated firm of “KEGOC”). He talks “Electric communication theory”. He is head of radio hobby group at the Chair of Technologies of Communication Systems.
Serikov Tansaule Gabdymanapovich

Senior teacher Serikov Tansaule GabdymanapovichAlmaty Institute of Energetics and Communication graduate of 2003. He is practitioner of “Kazakhtelecom” joint-stock company at the post of superintendent. He talks lectures and teaches workshop works of “Digital connection technologies”, “ISDX”.
Yugay Vyacheslav Victorovich

Teacher Yugay Vyacheslav VictorovichKSTU graduate of 2005. In 2007 he graduated magistracy at “Electroenergetics” speciality. He teaches laboratory and workshop works of “Informational- measuring technique and radio metering”, “Commutation systems”, “Digital connection technologies”.
Моё фото Khaibullin Ravilyevich Rashid , after graduating in 1980 with honors , Karaganda Polytechnic Institute ” Industrial Transport” worked in various positions in the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute and NGOs ” Soyuzspetsfundamentstroy .” In 2006, he entered his KSTU specialty 05.05.04 ” Road , construction and lifting machinery “, and in 2008 . on the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences ( scientific consultant prof.Kadyrov AS ) . published 55 scientific papers, including 4 monographs, and has 3 inventor’s certificates .
Aldoshina Oksana

A graduate of the KSTU 2003 specialty “Electric drive and automation of technological processes.” She graduated in 2006 graduate in the direction of “Power.” Conducts laboratory and practical classes on subjects’ Radioavtomatika “,” Electronics and analog circuit design “.
Izmailova Marianella Anatolevna

Assistant Izmailova Marianella AnatolevnaKSTU graduate of 2010. Holder of a master’s degree of “Information systems” speciality. She teaches laboratory and workshop works of “Digital connection technologies”, “Radio automatics”, “Foundations of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunication” discsplines. Over 6 scientific publication were issued at native and foreign publishers.