Faculty of distance learning

Dean of the Faculty

Glotov Boris

  • room 303
  • tel. worker: (8-7212) 56-42-33
  • Faculty management.
  • Reception of teachers and students
  • For all questions



Methodist for the organization of the educational process

Kenzhebekova Sulushash

  • room 300
  • tel. worker: (8-7212) 56-28-21
  • work with the FDL archive.Work with students’ applications for reinstatement, transfer, expulsion;
  • formation of statements of frontier control;
  • issuance of transcripts, issuance of diplomas;
  • maintenance of personal affairs;
Head of the Service for the Organization of the Educational Process in DET

Yakupova Oksana

  • room 306
  • tel. worker: (8-7212) 56-28-21
  • provides methodological support for the educational process with the use of DET;
  • controls the work of departments and teachers on the organization of educational and methodological work with students at IS Univer.

Zhuzhoma Irina

  • room 306
  • tel. worker: (8-7212) 56-28-21
  • work with students of all specialties enrolled on the basis of higher education
Текенова Г. Student affairs inspector, college-based

Tekenova Gulmira

  • work with students of energy, information and engineering specialties who entered the college
  • room 301, tel. worker: (8-7212) 56-28-21

Mukhasheva Dinara

  • work with students of construction, transport and road, mining and economic specialties who entered the college