Dean of the Correspondence-and-Distance Faculty

Glotov FZDO

Glotov Boris Nikolayevich
Leadership of the finstitute
Reception of teachers and students on all matters
Cabinet 305, tel. 56-42-33

Head of Administration educational process for the remote educational technologies

Yakupova Oxana Valeryevna
Organization and methodical support of educational process for the DOTReception teachers and students on the learning process
Cabinet 308

Methodologists of faculty

Akumova Saule Hasenovna

Kenjebekova Sulushash Serikbayevna
Transfer and rehabilitation of students, the issuance of diplomas,
scheduling of installation and examination sessions
Cabinet 300, tel. 56-28-21

Zhuzhoma Irina Alexandrovna

Work with students of economic and mountain specialties with accelerated training period (second degree) Issuance keysovyh jobs

Cabinet 308, tel. 56-28-21

Inspector of  faculty

Mukasheva Dinara Sapargaliyevna

Work with students of building and road transport and specialties of all periods of study; mining and economic specialties with a full and shorter training Issuance keysovyh jobs

Cabinet 303

Inspector of  faculty

Текенова Г.

Karpova Nadezhda Vladimirovna

Work with students of energy, information and engineering specialties of periods of study

Issuance keysovyh jobs

Cabinet 303