Information about materials for “Innovation bank”


-modern teaching technologies, including social media, online-environment, remote virtual laboratories can lead to the paradigm change in creation “generation Y” ;

– world moves to the next phase of digital education – Web 3.0 (similarity of smart mobile devices, social networks and methods of 3D- visualization in combination with “Staff Internet” will create new virtual space for education);

-Intel company holds development of processors for supercomputers of next generation, operation of which will be amounted in exsaflops (1 exsaflops = 1000 petaflops or 1000 quadrillion operations in a second);

– Russian Science Academy began installation of supercomputer with designed capacity 10 petaflops (such computers are only in the USA and Japan);

-according to research at Yale University human capital is more than 72% of national wealth of the USA;

-American scientists found that 10% increase of education level of summary production increases for 8,6% (at the same increase of main funds of labour production only for 3,4%);

-in the USA in the scope of system development STEM-education were created 100 scientific-mathematical schools and were implemented STEM-standards for accreditation leading universities (STEM –education in the sphere of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics);

-the most popular modern method of professional teaching in Germany is method of directive texts which is based on activity-oriented approach and consists of 6 phases (Information – Planning – Solution- Execution-Control -Assessment); directive texts represent a manual guidance which sets a certain structure of academic process, managed by students;

-In Germany corporations invest into improvement of professional skills of employees 40 billion euro annually;

– according to the data of Federal Labour and Employment Service in Russia up to 80% of vacancies on Labour market are working professions, the average age of Russian worker is 53-54.

-today one of the key figures in modern company becomes specialist of Personnel department, i.e. HR; HR-specialist (human resources) doesn’t only deal with record keeping and personnel administration, but also develops and implements various educating programmes and trainings, responsible for improvement of employees’ motivation level, turnover, formation of the corporate culture and also participates in strategic planning of company’s business; all this determines high demand for such  specialists in all fields of business;


-the most important feature for modern manager is ability to recover rapidly, survival in the world of constant stress, ability to inspire yourself and own team to achieve the best result in terms of tough competition and crisis (coefficient of vital energy);

-none of university engineering education isn’t able to give such knowledge of production “inside” as dual education and this makes it important step on the path to successful productive career;

-since 2001 in developed countries have been realized NIOKR programmes in the sphere of hydrogen power system calculated up to 2020 year;

-in Great Britain was created e-car, which works on hydrogen fuel; it can pass 580 km with 3.8 l., that exceeds indicators of the best hybrid cars for 6 times;

-theoretically possible potential of wind power system in Kazakhstan is assessed for 1.8  trillion kW/h a year.



-distance learning at Anadolu University (Turkey) covered 1,5 students;

-according to expert assessment by 2030 world volume of power resources will increase for 2 times, that will inquire investments in the amount of $ 4,2 trillion.

-in 2020  volume of cargo traffic through Kazakhstan will increase up to 35 million tons;

— the total length of the railways of Kazakhstan, newly-built during the years of independence, amounted 2500 km;

-the largest in Kazakhstan Mynaralsky cement plant (Zhambyl region) has reached designed capacity of 1.2 million tons of products per year;

-reconstruction and modernization of oil refineries in Kazakhstan will allow to lead quality of oil products to Euro-3 and Euro-4 standards and fully meet the demand of the internal market.

-more than 300 railway bridges of Kazakhstan are operated in excess of the standard terms (more than 100 years);

-according to the World Resources Institute there are 188 million hectares of pasture lands (70% of the territory), however ¼ part of the pastures were already degraded;
– cost of oil range from 29 cents per barrel in Iraq until 16 $ – Alaska;  taking into account transport expenses and taxes the price of 1 barrel of oil should not exceed 22-25$.



«There is nothing harder than to re-educate ill-bred man»
(Jan Amos Comenius)

Adviser                                    Kropachev P.А.