Sports contest “Freshman” – 2023

Sports contest “Freshman” – 2023

On 29.09.2023, the opening of the Sports Contest “Freshman” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of our university took place in the sports complex named after Abylkas Saginov. More than 300 students of all faculties were attracted to the opening and participation in the Sports Contest.

The DMP provided great assistance in holding the opening of the Sports Contest.

As part of this Spartakiad on 30.09.2023, competitions were held among seven faculties of the first year.

Competitions were held in five sports: volleyball (men, women), mini-football, chess, table tennis, all-around.

The places were won in the following order: the first place was taken by the Faculty of Mining, the second by the Faculty of Innovative Technologies, the third place was shared by the Faculty of Energy, Automation and Telecommunications and the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, the fourth by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the fifth by the Faculty of Transport and Road, the sixth by the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management.