State program of forced industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2010 – 2014 years: the purpose, objectives and implementation tools

State program of forced industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2010 – 2014 years, developed on behalf of the Head of State as part of the Kazakhstan Development Strategy until 2030.

The purpose of this programme – is providing of the diversification and competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s economy in the long-term period with the growth of its social performance.

The main objectives of the programme:

-creating a favourable macroenvironment and investment of the climate;

-increase of the intensity and productivity of the national economy;

-consolidation of the efforts of businesses and state and concentration of resources on the development of the country’s priority sectors;

-formation of effective institutions and mechanisms of interaction between government and business.

The main priority of the policy of forced industrialization became the implementation of major investment projects, promotion of small and middle businesses through targeted development of local content, subsequent redistribution and recycling.

A key tool for implementing the State programme of forced industrial-innovative development (SPFIID) is a map of industrialization of Kazakhstan for 2010 – 2014.

The key objects of the map of industrialization identified 12 priority areas:

-development of agriculture;

-metallurgy and metal products;

-Refining oil and gas sector and infrastructure;

-chemicals and pharmaceuticals;

-the defense industry;

-construction industry and building materials;

-transport and information communications;

-machine building;

-uranium industry;

-light industry;



Project selection was based on certain criteria:

-modernization of existing enterprises;

-creation of new high-performance companies;

-the selective support of the companies “economy of the future”.

Map of industrialization – it is not only a new list of new priority investment projects, it is also a tool for monitoring and management through the provision of point measures of state support.

This information base for foreign and domestic companies promising for investment projects and business opportunities opening by the input project.

The list of projects of Map of industrialization include all projects which are important for economy of Kazakhstan and with a high degree of elaboration and eligible SPFIID.

Ministry of Industry and New Technologies in cooperation with concerned government agencies and akimats occasionally, work on updating the maps.

At present, Kazakhstan’s map of industrialization includes 609 projects worth $ 9.6 trillion. tenge, with the creation of over 205 thousand workplaces during construction and 180 thousand workplaces during operation.

There were started 389 projects totaling $1.8 trillion tenge and created more than 90 thousand workplaces under Map of industrialization for 2010-2011 years.

Karaganda region implements 49 projects worth 275.6 billion tenge with the creation of over five thousand workplaces by Map of industrialization. Among them are 33 projects for 66 billion tenge have been implemented. At the same time there are created more than 2 thousand jobs.

Investment projects of Karaganda region, included into the map of industrialization, and the list of specialties for their implementation are presented in Appendix 1:


Contact the Department of Science ,Ovsischer L.V

for projects included into the Map of industrialization of Karaganda region,

(room №215, tel. :56-78-46, ex.1147)

The issue of training in sphere of higher education for the implementation of SPFIID is particularly relevant. All projects included in the map of industrialization should be tied to universities. According to the SPFIID, and improvement of the system in order to ensure industrial-innovative development is carried out in the following areas:

– Organization of workplaces and work practices.

– Contracts for the passage of practices with the possibility of graduate employment.

– Conducting fairs vacancies.

– Creating and updating the database “The Graduate”.

– Contracts for the passage of practices with the possibility of graduate employment.

– Conducting joint research.

– The introduction of scientific developments.

MTL workings on SPFIID of Kazakhstan