Specialized accreditation

In the period from 22 to 25 September 2014 in the framework of specialized accreditation will work external expert Commission “Independent Kazakhstan Agency for quality assurance in education (IQAA)” 27 educational programs:5B072900, “Construction”;
6M072900 – “Construction”;
5В042000- “Architecture”;
5B042100 – “Design”.
5V071300 – Тransport, Transport equipment and technology;
6M071300 – Transport, transport equipment and technologies;
5В074500  – “Transport construction”;
6M090100 – Organization of transportations, movements and operation transport;
5B090100 – Organization of transportation, traffic and transport operation.
5В072100- “Chemical technology of organic substances”;
5B070100 – “Biotechnology”;
5В073700  – “Beneficiation of minerals”;
6М050600- Economics;
5V050600 – Economics;
5В051000 – State and local government;
6М051000 – State and local government;
5V050700 Management;
5B050800 – Accounting and auditing;
5В051100- Marketing;
5В090400  – Socio-cultural service.
5В100200 – “information security”;
5B060200 – “computer science”;
5B070300 – “Information systems”;
6M070300 – “Information systems”;
5В070500 – “Mathematical and computer modeling”;
5B070400 – “computer engineering and software”;
6M070400 – “computer engineering and software”.