Spartakiad “Vigor and Health – 2024”

From 01/08/2024 to 01/12/2024, competitions in futsal, volleyball, table tennis and chess among teaching staff were held in the sports complex of KarTU named after Abylkas Saginov as part of the Spartakiad “Vigor and Health 2024”. Four teams took part in the competition: the main building team, the first building team, KazMIRR and FIEM, and the Mining Faculty team. Individual championship competitions were held in table tennis and chess.

Almost all games were closely contested. As a result, the futsal teams took the following places: 1st place – KazMIRR + FIEM; 2nd place – educational building No. 1; 3rd place – GF; 4th place – Main building.

Volleyball: 1st place – KazMIRR + FIEM; 2nd place – GF; 3rd place – educational building No. 1; 4th place – Main building

Chess: Individual championship.

1st place: Oshanov M.Z. FIT, department of IR;

2nd place: Bakizhanov G.I-M. Department of ES;

3rd place: Rozhkov A.V. SMIT Department.

Table tennis: Individual championship.

1st place: Ivanov V.A., Department of AP

2nd place: Gorbachev S.M., Department of Physics

3rd place: Madiyarov M.K., Department of Physical Education

More than 120 people took part in the sports competition.