The final meeting of the Council of AMA-KSTU online took place on June 12 in the academic year 2019-2020, which was attended by representatives of 12 universities that are part of the AMA-KSTU in supervised areas (groups of educational programs).

In welcoming address, Deputy Head of the PMG, Vice-Rector of KSTU for Strategic Development, Dr. Eng., Professor, G.S. Zhetessova noted the relevance of the questions posed at the meeting of AMA, in particular:

–   the formation of high-quality ‘learning outcomes’ in supervised educational programs;

–   the project “concept of lifelong education of adults in the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2025”;

– to increase the effectiveness of the work of AMA in terms of educational and methodological support of a multi-level educational process and the formation of competence student-centered teaching.

A lively discussion unfolded regarding the updating of higher and postgraduate education programs, taking into account the approved professional standards. In a speech by the head of AMA-KSTU, Dr. Eng., Professor Yu. N. Pak, it is noted that the work of AMA on the implementation of the Roadmap for updating educational programs and the formation of balanced “Learning Outcomes” is being completed. This was facilitated by the analytical work of the Expert Group on the coordination of educational programs consisting of 11 members of the Council of AMA-KSTU, representing 7 universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an intensive exchange of views, prompt adjustment of proposals and recommendations.

  1. Yurchenko, A. Imashev, N. Spataev, V. Portnov presented the “Learning Outcomes” recommended by the Council of AMA-KSTU on educational programs “Mechanics and metal treatment” (Mechanical Engineering), “Mining”, “Vital activity safety and environmental protection”, “Standardization, certification and metrology” (in branches), “Geophysical Engineering and Technology”. The discussion was attended by N. Aitzhanov (Satbayev University), Yu. Pak (KSTU), A. Naukenov (SKSU named after Auezov), A. Begimbetov (AUES), S. Tsygankov (KazATK named after Tynyshpayev), S. Kulniyaz ( ARSU named after Zhubanov).

The following decision was made on this issue: All submitted “Learning outcomes” for all curated educational programs should be taken as a basis, taking into account a small editorial revision.

The participants of the AMA-KSTU Council meeting were very interested in the analysis of innovative technologies of student-centered learning. The thesis form presented conceptual aspects student-centered learning technologies with emphasis on competence and teaching methodology of transformation competency in the content of education.

Recommend: Continue to study this problem in the direction of providing motivated student-oriented teaching.

Full approval was given to the presentation of the project “Concepts for the Development of Continuing Adult Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025”, presented by prof. Yu. Pak Actualized the role of continuing education in a modern society in which education throughout life is considered as the most important condition of innovative activity, performed by a professional, social and personal function, regardless of age, location, time and other circumstances.

Recommend: To approve the project “Concepts for the Development of Continuing Adult Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025”.

Recommend: The Project Concept, developed on the instructions of the Department of the H&VE the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly by the AMA-KSTU and AMA-IITU, sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The head of AMA-KSTU, Pak Yu., spoke about the formation of a “Perspective Thematic Plan for the publication of educational and methodical literature of AMA-KSTU. It is noted that this idea proceeds from the need to more fully provide the educational process with the necessary literature on the basis of the consolidated efforts of universities that train specialists in supervised areas of training. “Perspective Thematic Plan of Publications of AMA-KSTU” formed. There are 48 titles of textbooks and teaching aids, including 8 in collaboration with other universities (Satbayev University, KATU named after Seifullin, AUES, PSU named after Toraigyrov, EKSTU, KGIU, EITI).

In the speeches of the representatives of Satbayev University, SKSU, KazATK, ARSU, the relevance of the formation of the “Perspective Thematic Plan of Educational and Methodical Literature of AMA-KSTU” was noted.

Recommend: To approve this approach and take measures to increase the production of educational and methodological literature, developed in collaboration with the faculty of universities included in the AMA-KSTU.

Information was provided on updating the composition of the PMG-AMA in the direction of increasing the representatives of employers, including regional centers of NCE Atameken. In the current 38 representatives from various enterprises and employers’ associations, representing about 30% of higher education institutions of representation. Members of the Council of AMA-KSTU from KazNAU, ARSU, KATU and AUES supported this approach, which allows taking into account the demands of employers to the maximum extent possible when developing and updating educational programs.

Recommend: On an ongoing basis, to update the staff of the PMG-AMA with a large representation of employers and the exception of representatives of universities that do not participate in the work of AMA-KSTU.