Postgraduate training

The quality of training of specialists produced by the department is indicated by positive feedback from employers from enterprises in the region. To date, the Department of “TT and LS” of the MAP occupies a leading position in the ratings of the NAAR, NAOKO among other universities of the country according to criteria such as the quality of professional training, the competitiveness of specialists, the development of scientific research in the transport and logistics industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main directions of research work carried out at the department are devoted to mobile automobile overpasses; issues of cleaning and neutralization of exhaust gases of internal combustion engines; effective provision of transport with spare parts; innovative working bodies of construction and road vehicles; issues of optimal acquisition of road equipment; development of mobile systems for the operation of quarry transport, logistics systems, etc.

The department has a good scientific school of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Kadyrov A.S. Serious attention is paid to the training of undergraduates and doctoral students who work in current and promising areas of technology development, technology, organizational issues and problems, taking into account the scientific novelty of the proposed solutions. During the existence of the master’s degree at the Department of TT and LS, over 200 masters of transport engineering have been trained and 9 PhD dissertations have been defended: Balabekova K.G., Kunaev, V.V., Bakhyt Gabit, Zhunusbekova Zh.Zh., Suleev B.D., Askarov B.Sh., Ganyukov A.A., Pak I.A., Karsakova A.Zh. Currently, doctoral students of the department are completing their dissertations with a presentation for defense.