Senior lecturer of the Department of «Technologies and Communication Systems» Yessenzholov U.S. recognized as the best instructor of the Huawei Academy

December 8 , 2022 at 14 : 00Almaty hosted the summing up of the year and awarding of the best Huawei academies and instructors who showed high results in terms of the number and coverage of trained students and successfully passed the international certification exam in the direction of Datacom. According to the results of 2022, the senior lecturer of the Department of “Communication Systems Technologies” of Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University, Yesenzholov Ulan Serikovich, repeated his success last year, receiving the title of “Best Instructor” (in total, 6 best instructors out of a total of more than 50 were awarded), and Huawei Academy on the basis of Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University was awarded as the best ICT Huawei Academy 2022 (a total of 24 academies participated on the basis of universities throughout the country, of which 4 universities were awarded the best Academy award).