Seminar “History of independence – achievement of new state formation”

On 8 February 2017, Department of the Assembly of peoples of Kazakhstan KSTU together with the House of friendship of Karaganda region organized a seminar devoted to the discussion of message issues of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the program of the Third modernization of our country.

The meeting was attended by: Head of the Regional Association “Tajik Diaspora” Shakarbek Normatov, lecturer of Department of Political Science and Sociology E.A. Buketov KSU Dastan Kosherbayev, head of Department on Youth Affairs of regional mosque Nurzhigit Mussabekov, Deputy Chairman of the Council for spiritual and moral education of KSTU Zharkyn Tussupbekov, head of the Department of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan Assem Sagatova and students of the university.

Dastan Kosherbayev noted the problem of preservation and development of intellectual potential of the young generation of our country. He identified the brain drain abroad as the main negative factor. The suggested solution to the problem was the inculcation of patriotism and the need to take the example of advanced countries of the world, constantly stimulating the influx of innovative minds in every way and sponsoring new developments.

Shakarbek Normatov noted the importance of international friendship in the context of multi-ethnicity of the country in general and in the Karaganda region in particular. The head of the Tajik diaspora spoke about the support of the Tajik language, opening of schools and courses, where Tajik language and culture can be studied. He also noted positive tendencies in the sphere of international relations between representatives of the young generation.

 Nurzhigit Mussabekov stated at a modern religious problems in the world and the Central Asian region in particular. He noted the necessity of developing religious tolerance and the role that religion plays in modern society.

At the end of the event the student of I course of Road Construction faculty Maralkhan Raiysbek read his report “Youth and knowledge”, in which he urged all students not only to accumulate information in the process of learning, but also to develop constantly, to participate in the public life of society and to develop new ideas that will be useful for the country.