Scientific publications, innovative projects, students’s development

The introduction of scientific achievements in the educational process

1. Perfection of work of a portal of innovative technologies «OLIMP-КарГТУ».  Kogaj G. D, L.I.Lejzer.
2. Perfection of work of the international educational platform «CLIX-KSTU». Kogaj G. D.
3. Realization of network technology of remote training in KarGTU.
4. Remote interaction of the student with the subject of remote training (TO) in a mode on-line.




Course and theses on scientific subjects

Name of student topic
1 Ermakov, O. Denis, TMV-10 “Research and development of accounting software free movement of goods in stock enterprise LLP« Zeta »
2 Yoon Andrey, TMV-10 “Research and development of document management software for Web-based JSC” Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan “
3 Gorelikov Yury, TMV-10 “Research and development of software modules for Web-site LLP ZPH” Tehol KZ »
4 Nazim Ibragimov Malikovich, TMV-10 “Research and development of software control of the concentration of gases in the mines of JSC” ArcelorMittal Temirtau “
5 Sydykova Aigul Zadaevna, TMV-10 “Research and development of software for the automation of data processing in determining the regulatory and design characteristics of the soil”
6 Valery Filimonov, TMV-10 “Investigation of the flow of documents and software development workstation” HVAC “for the LP” Peregrine Falcon “
7 Tusupbekov D.K., TMV-10 Research and software development personnel for the LLP «Cammon Market Corporation»



Participation in competitions

1. In January 2011. The Republican contest of students’ innovative projects of higher educational institutions of the RK.

2. In March 2011. The Republican contest of students’ works of the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In the competition of projects of students from the Department of computer engineering and software included the following students and undergraduates:

1. Tatiana Vasilyeva (g BT-08-3). Study on “Development of an electronic resource at the rate of object-oriented programming.” Supervisor – professor, Kogai, G.D.

2. Alexander Vinnikov (g BT-08-3). The study on “Development of an automated information system” Examination of oil “for the company JSC” KazTransOil “.” Supervisor – professor, Kogai, G.D.

3. Gabdysalykov Arman (g BT-08-3). The study on “Development of an automated information system to record telephone traffic LLP” Techno-Service. ” Supervisor – professor, Kogai, G.D.

4. Ibraev Ayan (g BT-08-3). Study on “Development of AIS communications hub for railway station.” Supervisor – professor, Kogai, G.D.

5. Lemeshenko Dmitry (g BT-08-3). Study on “Development of the AIS planning and record keeping section rolling shop for the company” Arcelor Mittal Temirtau “. Supervisor –  professor, Kogai, G.D.

6. Mamonov Alexander (g BT-08-3). Study on “Development of software for accounting services Ltd” Continent. ” Supervisor – professor, Kogai, G.D.

7. Finko Anton (g BT-08-3). Study on “Designing and Administering a cable network in the DHP” Computer Centre for Statistics in the Karaganda region. ‘” Supervisor – professor, Kogai, G.D.

8. Kudryukov Paul (g BT-08-3). Study on “Simulation of motion on the freeway.” Supervisor – professor, Kogai, G.D.

9. Ligay Alex (gr. BT-08-3). Study on “Building a translator.” Supervisor – professor, Kogai, G.D.



Participation in conferences

Proceedings Student Scientific Conference “Innovation in engineering, technology and education.” March 3-4. – Karaganda. – 2011. -Section 14

1. Adanbekova J.C. and others. Organization structure of the tourism package. S. 12-13. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

2. Amanbek O. and others Concepts and types of data structures. S. 26-27. Of hands. B.O. Mukhamedzhanov

3. Basheeva Z.H.O. Modern technologies of object-oriented analysis and design of information systems. P.45-46. Of hands. Tomilova N.I.

4. Bekchin D.V. and other description of the existing client application development tools. S. 53-54. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

5. Vasilyev T.P. and other features and characteristics of network adapters. P.61-62. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

6. Vasilyev T.P. and other SQL language as the standard database language. Pp. 62-63. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

7. Vasilyev T.P. and other artificial intelligence and robotics. Of hands. B.K. Sultanov

8. A.N. Vinnikov and other Social Networks. P.66-67. Of hands. B.K. Sultanov

9. A.N. Vinnikov Buildings and other databases. Of hands. B.K. Sultanov

10. A.N. Vinnikov and other Web-server. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

11. A.N. Vinnikov and dr.Yazyk Hypertext Markup XML. S. 74-75. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

12. Gorlitz A. Adaptive Trading Strategy in Forex market. S. 78-79. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

13. Gorlitz A. Creating a trading strategy based on neural network. S. 80-81. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

14. Zhunusbekova A.B. and others Akparattyk portal. S. 98-99. Of hands. Sanarikova A.R.

15. Ibragimov N.M. etc. The development of conceptual models of typical APS. P.104-105. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

16. Ibragimov A.B. Simulation modeling of APS. S. 106-107. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

17. Ibraev A.M. Billing period multisetey. P.108-109. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

18. Iskakov N.C. Cryptographic methods of information security. S. 119-120. Of hands. Muhametzhanova B.O.

19. Klyuev E.G. and other visualization of data in medical information systems. S. 131-132. Of hands. Syzdykova Z.A.

20. Klyuev E.G. Presentation and other data in the medical temporatalnyh IP. S. 133-134. Of hands. Syzdykova Z.A.

21. Kovalenko D.V. etc. 3G – wireless technology is a global communications. S. 135-136. Of hands. B.K. Sultanov

22. Kovalenko L.V. and other basics of building database application systems. S. 137-138. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

23. Kurdyukov P.V. and other software platforms. P.151-152. Of hands. B.K. Sultanov

24. Kurdyukov P.V. etc. Development of stored procedures. S. 153-154. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

25. Lemeshenko D.S. and so on Javascript. P.155-156. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

26. Lemeshenko D.S. Network operating systems. S. 157-158. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

27. Lemeshenko D.S. etc. The use of technology Wimax to create regional networks. S. 159-160. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

28. Lemeshenko D.S. and so on GOOGLE. S. 161-162. Of hands. B.K. Sultanov

29. Ligay A.G. 3D images and video. S. 163-164. Of hands. B.K. Sultanov

30. Ligay A. et al Development Tools and client applications. P.165-166. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

31. Mamonov A.A. Programming languages ​​servers. S. 173-174. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

32. Mamonov A.A., etc. The main components of the OSS / BSS / S. 175-176. Of hands. Oleynikov A.

33. Mamonov A.A. and other object-oriented programming S. 177-178. Of hands. Oleynikov A.

34. Mamonov A.A. and other markup language hypertext markup. S. 179-180. Of hands. Kogai G.D.

35. Nuktenova D.Z.H. and other e-book M-Inst. S. 195-196. Of hands. Muhametzhanova B.O.

36. Popov A.S. General chart of the process-oriented models in the design. S. 211-212. Of hands. Tomilova N.I.

37. Popov A.S. Patterns and their classification. S. 213-214. Of hands. Tomilova N.I.

38. Suntsov K.V. The formalization of the functional requirements of the system using use case diagrams. S. 241-242. Of hands. Tomilova N.I.

39. Filimonov V.I. etc. The use of PS to automate workflow in the modern enterprise. S. 262-263. Of hands. G.D. Kogai

40. Sharipov M.K. etc. The practical use of interactive whiteboards in the education process. S. 268-269. Of hands. B.K. Sultanov

41. Eun A. Automation and other workflow processes. S. 278-279. Of hands. G.D. Kogai