Scientific Competition


Scientific Competition

In November 2012, the Department of Foreign Languages held a scientific competition among undergraduate and graduate students named “Science and Foreign Language Education,” devoted the 60th anniversary of Karaganda State Technical University. Objectives of the Competition:

• Development of research abilities of undergraduates and graduates;

• Encourage creativity and initiative in independent research to address current problems in science and education;

• Identify and encourage talented undergraduates and graduates, the most creative usage of knowledge gained in the educational process at the university, as well as the performance of research and theoretical and practical work.

10 applications were submitted in the competition

Work assessment was carried out by the competitive commission on the following criteria:

• The relevance of the problem;

• Theoretical and practical significance;

• Creative approach to research;

• The usage of foreign literature in the authentic language;

• Competent and detailed argument.

According to the results of the competition the best works were selected which were awarded of I, II, III degree diplomas and prizes:

• Student of group BT-12-2 Narmagambetov A.M. was awarded a diploma of degree 1, supervisor Yevdokimova L.V.;

• Student of group GPR-12-2 Kasymova A.Z. was awarded a diploma of II degree, supervisor Vitchenko O.V.;

• Student of group BT-12-2, Samartseva I.S. was awarded a diploma of III degree, supervisor Yevdokimova L.V.