Quality improvement of provided educational services to the level of world standards is closely connected with scientific work, which is implemented at University within the scope of department of Science, Kazakhstan multidisciplinary institute of reconstruction and development, Engineering profile laboratory “Complex development of mineral resources”, laboratory “Metrological provision of production”, 34 department SRL, 3 academic-scientific-production centres and 2 students design bureaus.

Engineering profile laboratory “Complex development of mineral resources” takes special place in work on development of academic process and implementation of scientific-research works-one of the first in Kazakhstan, created on the competitive base for execution of order of the President. The laboratory is equipped with wide range of unique of devices and equipment of geology-geophysical, geomechanical, surveyor-geodesic, mining-metallurgical profile and also means of automation, informational systems of world manufacturers (Switzerland, Germany, England, The USA, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Russia), which allow to conduct unique researches in the sphere of development of mineral resources.

Scientific researches of the scientists of University are directed on the solution of actual problems of energetic, machine building, transport, information-communication technologies, new materials, construction, engineering pedagogy, coal chemistry, foundry industry and metallurgy, instrument engineering and mining.

The basis of effective development of scientific activity of University are financed scientific works. With assumption of Complex programme of University development for 2009 financing of economic agreements and state budget works increased practically for 2 times and reached total amount of 412 million tenge.