Scientific activity “Welding and Foundry”

Scientific activities of  the “Welding and Foundry” department is determined by the plan of research work of the laboratories of departments and carried out in accordance with the work plan of the department. The format of the key research areas in the departments are basically application-oriented and linked to the implementation of contracts.

The results of R&D and students R&D are published in periodicals, reported at conferences at various levels and used in the preparation of master’s and doctoral theses.

The University has repeatedly held training courses for workers on welding technology, as well as refresher courses for specialists of enterprises and teachers of vocational schools.

For academic excellence and active participation in research projects, conferences, debates, students of the department have the rewards in the form of certificates, diplomas, creditable sheets, letters of appreciation, scholarships.

The department has student scientific clubs that operate constantly, attracting students to research work under the supervision of experienced faculty staff of the department.



SRL – 15  “Metallurgical processes of welding and casting”

Calendar  plan

R&D and state-financed R&D



Plan of scientific-research work at the 2013-2014

Plan of scientific-research work of students on 2013-2014