Science of the department of «Building materials and technologies”

The Department of «Building materials and technologies»


The scientific work of the department is carried out in accordance with the plans of the university and faculty. The research work plan is drawn up for a year and included in the general annual work plan of the department. The report of each performer on the implementation of the plan is heard at the department meetings. At the end of the year, an annual report on research work is prepared, approved by the Vice-Rector at a meeting of departments. Conducted research have an applied nature and demand in production. The department annually conducts state budget research work on the problems of higher education. The results of these studies are of great practical importance and are embedded in the educational process of the department.

The department works in the following areas:

– “Production of slag binder from technogenic industrial wastes”, research supervisor: Ph.D., professor  Baidzhanov D.O .;

– “Study of the stress-strain state of problematic terrain”, scientific advisor: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Zhakulin A.S .;

– “Study of the properties of highly effective modified binders and concretes”, scientific advisor: Ph.D., associate professor Rakhimova G.M.;

– “Development of flame retardant and anti-corrosion materials for building structures”, supervisor: Ph.D., associate professor Kalmagambetova A.Sh .;

– “The use of local materials and industrial waste in the production of building materials,” supervisor: Ph.D., associate professor Serova R.F.

The research work results are published in scientific journals, indexed by Clarivate Analytics and Scopus. The scientists of the department published more than 20 monographs, received more than 50 patents and SIS. The department actively participates in republican and international conferences.

Every year, students, master and doctoral candidates together with teachers of the department participate in national and international scientific competitions and projects of grant funding.

Within the framework of the Science Fund of the Russian Federation, Voronezh State Technical University represented by Dr.Tech.Sc. professor  Slavcheva G.S. won a grant on the theme “Slag binders of the new generation based on technogenic raw materials” and attracted a doctoral student Khan M. from group PBMd-17-1 of the department of Building materials and technologies to this project.

In business project competitions among youth of KSTU, the master candidates of the department presented the following projects:

– “Glass for supporting columns and beams”, supervisor: Ph.D., Assoc. Nemen V.N.

– “Development of composite binders based on local raw materials”, supervisor: Ph.D., Assoc. Kalmagambetova A.Sh.

At the department with the participation of students, master and doctoral candidates the following contractual works are performed:

  • Survey of heating systems of educational buildings, hostels, sports complex of KSTU;
  • Survey of cold water supply systems for educational buildings and sports complex of KSTU;
  • Project of facades of buildings of KSTU.

KSTU buildings survey works

Since 2019 at the department operates the Dissertation Council for the defense of doctoral theses and for awarding the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree, the doctor of the profile in the specialties 6D072900 – “Civil engineering” and 6D073000 – “Production of building materials, products and structures.”

Meeting of the dissertation council

Members of the dissertation council

Research work “Supporting structures with the use of  glass”

At the department  of « Building materials and technologies» under the guidance of Associate professor V.N. Nemen an initiative research work “Supporting structures with the use of  glass” is carried out. Currently, tests of beams SC-1 and SC-2 (Figures 1 and 2) have been performed, showing sufficient carrying capacity.


Figure 1 – Test of glass-wooden beams SB-1

Figure 2 – Test of glass-wooden beams SB –2