The Science

Department «History of Kazakhstan»

For expired season the big job had been spent by the members of chair in a context of research and development activity of chair. Amount of works members on research work (SRW), planed for an academic year is fulfilled in a total storage. All research work of chair finds the reflectance in training process of chair: actually all papers, publications, performances are used both students, and the chair faculty.

It is necessary to note agency SRW on preparation of scientific and pedagogical frames of chair. In 2011 teachers Nugman B.G. and Tuyakova A.E.  successfully passed candidate dissertation. In January 2012 competitor Ogoltsova E.G will pass her candidate dissertation. 2016 defended his master’s thesis on ” 6M0114 – History ” Makalaka Talgat Zhakenovich ” national liberation movement in Kazakhstan in the beginning of the XVIII- XX centuries: historiographical analysis . ” . Supervisor: Ph.D. , Associate Professor of the University them . EA Buketov Shotbakova Lyazzat Kasimovna.