On April 5 – 6, 2012 Hure was the XXXVIII Scientific Conference of the Malaya Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was devoted to the 100th anniversary of the academician Chyokin. The conference took place with the help of the Internet line on the base of the Innovational Eurasian University of Pavlodar.
The following students of Technological College of Karaganda State Technical University participated in work of section «The problems of philosophy, the social and political sciences»:
1. Philonchic A. (group 9KGD-09-2e) – scientific head – Natyosova V.K.
2. Zeydin E. (group 9KNG-09) – scientific head – Lavrenieva Z.U.
3. Seitbaev S. (group 9KAP-09) – scientific head – Natyosova V.K.
4. Kutvarova G. (group 9KPO-10-2) – scientific head – Andreeva U.I.
5. Ivanov V. (group 9KED-10-1) – scientific head – Tibatina T.U.

The technological college took part in the International Olympic Games IT – the PLANET which passed on February 27 2012 in the city of Astana on the basis of ENU of Gumilev 20 students took part in the first round with TsMK DIT. The first round passed in on-line testing. Pupils Putsenko Nikolay, Abilova Karina, Roman, Pyatayev Sergey gathered enough of points to pass on the second internal round.
Participants 2 rounds of the International Olympic Games IT – the PLANET
The winner of the International Olympic Games IT – the PLANET in the competition D-Link (the III place) Abilova Karina

The international ecological congress ELPIT-2011 in Tolyatti

Filippov Sergey, pupil from experimental group KZhD-09-2e (supervisor Paulauskas O.I.), became the winner of competition of Young ELPIT scientific-innovative projects within the boundaries of the international ecological congress ELPIT-2011, which took place in Tolyatti, Russia on September, 21-25. He has occupied the 3rd place in the nomination “ The Students” with the report (project) “Influence of traffic safety trains on ecological conditions”.

The Republican scientific-practical seminar in Almaty
On October, 20-21 the head of college Koilybayeva S.A. has taken part in the Republican scientific-practical seminar “Modern approaches to quality management of technical and professional education” on the ground of РИПК СО of Almaty. Main problems of college management are raised in the report “College of innovative type: prospects, problems, ways of their solution”.