Science of the faculty of Architecture and Construction

Architecture and Construction faculty

Scientific activities of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction (FAC) by KSTU in areas corresponding to the profile of departments, publishing books, developing and obtaining patents and licenses.

Research directions of  FAC chairs:
Department of Russian language and culture  (RLaC) working towards “Innovative methods in teaching the Russian language in a technical college”;
Department of Construction materials and technology (СMaТ) working on 6 areas – “Obtaining building materials based on industrial by-products”, “Getting the swelling of fireproof materials for wooden and metal structures”, “Technology and properties of the modified concrete for construction Melioration”, “Design of Buildings and structures on the structural and unstable soils,” “increase the operational reliability of buildings and structures erected in built-up areas”, “Comprehensive study of geotechnical properties of soils and grounds for the prediction of increasing the bearing capacity of foundations”;

Department of Architecture and Design in 4 directions – “Peculiarities of color vision of the urban environment”, “Small architectural forms in the urban environment”, “ergonomic solutions in housing”, “Epigraphic decoration in the architectural monuments of Kazakhstan”, “Random vibration of mechanical systems”;
Department of  Mechanics  in 4 directions – “Random vibration of mechanical systems”, “Probabilistic methods for calculation of structural elements”, “The calculation and design of one-dimensional systems of equipment vibration isolation”, “Numerical methods for solving problems in dynamics and strength”.