План НИР МФ 2021-2022

Наука МФ

Research work plan of the Faculty of Engineering 2020-2021

План НИР МФ на 2019 – 2020


1. Scientific activities at the Engineering faculty realized in the framework of the international, state budget, and contractual research programs and activities. international program Tempus Curricula Reform in Space Technology in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine (CRIST) runs from January 15, 2009 and aims to develop educational programs, training for the aerospace industry. From the Republic of Kazakhstan in the project are: ENU. LN Gumilev and Karaganda State Technical University. Coordinates the project from the Head of KSTU, “Mechanical Engineering”, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Zhetesova GS

The Working Group on KSTU training seminar (Belgium)

The result of this project was the discovery in 2010 – 2011 academic year, the department traetory new study:

– 5V071200 – “Mechanical Engineering” – Mechanical engineering, construction and production of high-tech products.

– 5V073200 – “Standardization, Metrology and Certification (by industry),” – Management of the aerospace industry.

In the framework of Erasmus Mundus Maneca assistant professor of “Mechanical Engineering” Zharkevich O. from 11.01.2011 till 01.12.2011, the training took place in Vilnius Technical University. Gedeminesa (Vilnius, Lithuania). From October 2011 on the same training program held doctoral Telenkova E. (5 months) and master’s Tattimbekova BO (5 months) (Lessius, Belgium).

Together with the Belarusian National Technical University Belarusian National Technical University within the framework of innovation and educational center in the field of engineering is carried out jointly research project on “Creating Multifunctional nanostructured coatings obtained by electrophysical methods with the aim of strengthening parts of mining equipment.”

10.08.2011, the Head. Chair, “Manufacturing Engineering” Prof. GS Zhetesova participated in the meeting of working committee for the coordination of scientific educational consortium between universities and research institutes of the RK and Belarus. 11/15/2011 in Minsk Ph.D., assistant professor of TM tumens TN participated in the forum “Belarus Innovation Week.”

The total volume of executed state budget, scientific and contractual work is 102.312 million tenge.

scientific activities of state budget programs of research carried out on the following topics:

– “Development of technology for the application of nano metals and alloys by surface modification of materials with various reagents to the regulation of the emerging nanostructures for use in pumps, homogenizers oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan», № 173 of 01.03.2011, the, MES, 2.5 million tenge (Department of TM).

– “Development of technology for production of nanostructured materials with desired mechanical properties», № 172 of 01.03.2011, p CN MON -2.25 million tenge (Department MMiN).

Principle raboty planetarnoy melnitsy

– “Development of technology for the production of nanostructured metal by combining the processes of casting and punching in the equal-channel step-matrices (Komsomol)», № 5 dated 10.12.2010 with JSC “Fund of Science” – 20 million tenge (Department MMiN).

A sample consisting of colored particles in the original provisions in the inclined section of the channel matrix

Smelting of aluminum samples in the RPC-120-3

– “Increasing the corrosion resistance of metals by using galluazitovyh nanotubes”, JSC National Innovation Fund, 19 million 681 thousand tenge (Department MMiN).

– “Obesfosforirovanie Lisakovsk iron ores by chemical methods”, JSC National Innovation Fund, 19 million 681 thousand tenge (Department MMiN).

– “Design – technological and instrumental quality assurance parts of mining equipment, mining and processing equipment to enhance its operational stability», № 371 of RK-30 million tenge. (Dept. of TM).


MODEL project
The application of carbon-nitrogen coatings

the inner surface of the cylinder,

hydraulic rack


scientific activity on the orders of enterprises is carried out on the following topics:

– “Development of technology of repair and restoration of the guide parts of machine tools and manufacturing equipment,” economic contracts subject to the LP “Karaganda Engineering Consortium” at $ 1.7 million tenge. (Dept. of TM).

– “Technological support surface quality rods, hydraulic cylinders with a diameter exceeding 150 mm surface plastic deformation of the rollers’ economic contracts subject to the LP” Karaganda Engineering Consortium, “$ 2.5 million tenge (Department TM).

– «Development of the technology and equipment of cutting slyabingovogo rolled in continuous casting of steel” economic contracts with the theme “VTORPROM” $ 4 million tenge (Department SiLP).

Thermal cutting of slab continuous casting of steel mill

01/12/2011 Zhetesova GS, Yurchenko VV participated in the 1st forum of scientists in Kazakhstan, the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan which presented the layout on « Design – Quality Assurance process parts of mining mining equipment to enhance operational stability. ”





Project layout (front view, top view)


To implement the project MI was created in the design office with the participation of doctoral students, graduate students and faculty.


In November 2009, Associate Professor of TM Zharkevich O. won the scholarship of Japanese firms’ Tokyo Boeki CIS »for success in learning and research activities.

In 2010 Senior lecturer Department of Nikonov TM TY received a grant from “Fund of First President” on the passage of scientific training in the Technical University of Berlin, Berlin (Germany).

In October 2010 the head. Department MMiN Kulikov VY and assistant professor of TM Zharkevich O. Scholarships have been awarded research for talented young scientists.

In August 2011 received a confirmation of the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor MMiN Tursunbaeva AK

Professor of MMiN Turdukozhaeva AM 16.09.2011g. elected as a member of the International Academy of Informatization.

In 2011, USX vice-rector for Yee, Professor, Department MMiN Isagulov AZ won the award “Zamandas” in the “Pride of science.”

At the end of the republican contest “The best teacher of high school-2011” state grant holders are Professor TM Sherov KT and Professor of Yixing MMiN DC

The basic research results for 2011 published in the journals of rating of Kazakhstan and abroad:

Department MMiN 23 articles

Chair TM 15 articles

Department of SLIP 1 article

Department of Linguistics 12 articles

During the period of 2011 Scholars received six applications for innovation patents and received two innovation patents RK.

MMiN Department received four applications, received a patent

TM Department filed two requests, received a patent:


In 2011, Associate Professor, Department Buzauova TM TM received approval of a scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences in specialty 05.05.06 – Mining Machines (05/05/2011 city).

In December of 2011 were protected by two doctoral dissertations (PhD) Director of IM Sharoi O. and senior lecturer at the Department of TM V. Yurchenko

in 2011 were protected by 16 master’s work in the field of “Metal”, “Materials Science”, “Engineering”, “Standardization, Metrology and Certification.” Academic master’s degree was awarded: Abiltusupovoy D. Kadenovu R. Makaeu S., Tian, ​​E., A. Sadvokasovu, Nurmagambetova D. Korotlevoy A. Duysenbekovoy L. Baydauletovoy I., A. Antipova, Iskakov B Senina E., E. Pleshakova, Biyzhanovu C Karsakovoy H Gerasimchuk A., V. Tymoshenko

The scientific adviser Prof. GS Zhetesova and graduate chair TM

(Karsakova N. Senin, E., Gurasimchuk A., E. Pleshakova)

In January of 2012. were protected by 11 master’s work in the field of “Metal”, “Materials Science and Technology of New Materials”, “Engineering”, “Standardization, Metrology and Certification.” Academic master’s degree was awarded: Sisekeshevu KM, Kultanovoy MT, Muhangalievu EK, Aydarbekovu N., Belousova VS Dostaevu AM, Sultanbekova EB, Old H . S. Leshchenko MS, Zhunuspekovu DS, AN Tkachev, Moldagali BJ

In July 2011 the winners and prize holders (200,000 tenge) branch at the National Competition of Kazakhstan “Golden Hephaestus” in the “Best Student Thesis” included: student chair MMiN Abaeva Milan Musaevna and Baydurina Gulnara Kusainovna.