Teachers do the big scientific work in area of mechanics of a deformable solid body on following actual applied themes: “Casual fluctuations of mechanical systems”, “Likelihood methods of calculation of constructions elements”, “Destruction of massif  by percussion loadings”, “Calculation and projection of one-dimensional systems of vibration isolation equipment”, “Numerical methods of the decision of dynamics problems and durability”, “ Analysis and a choice vibration ground for forming concrete products”.

Results of scientific activity have been adopted in various branches of national economy of Republic of Kazakhstan, and also they take root into educational process by preparation of bachelors and undergraduates.

According to the results of scientific work for more than 30 articles are published annually in the periodical journals and thesis of reports in international and regional scientific conferences.

There are 8 circles of student scientific societies involving about 80 students at chair.

Results of student research and development work are represented in the form of materials of student’s scientific conferences.

The chair supports close connections with the enterprises of Corporate University:

JSC Machine works № 1;                                           LLP ” Uglemehanizatsiya;”;

LLP “Kargomash-M”;                                                 Plant “Mining machines”;

LLP “Rapid”;                                                               Turbomechanical plant;

LLP “Karaganda

machine-building factory                                             Factory of the non-standard equipment

named after Parhomenko”;

PLC “Mittal Steel” factory;                                          PLC “Experimental factory №1”.

Performed research works

1) Use of modern innovative educational technologies (business game) in the process of  teaching the “Engineering Graphics”  , in the credit system of education ” discipline
Reason for implementation : research scientific work on  higher school problems
Scientific adviser: prof. Bakirov Zh.B., prof.Sihimbaev S.R.
Performed by: senior teacher Abilgazin B.I.
Main results: This innovative technology has been tested over the past 5 years of teaching at “Mechanics” Department of KSTU and it was proved  that there are significant reserves of increasing the intensity and effectiveness of the educational process in the teaching of graphic disciplines. This is facilitated by both traditional and active teaching methods in the form of a business game.

2) Random vibration of mechanical systems.
Reason for implementation: individual initiative.
Scientific adviser: prof. Bakirov Zh.B.
Performed by
: teacher Mikhailov V.F.
Main results: The method of stochastic averaging applying  to the study of stochastic stability of parametric systems has been developed. The analysis of vibrations of mechanical systems to random parametric effects has been done. “Development of methods for solving nonlinear problems in statistical dynamics of mechanical systems” candidate’s thesis was prepared and presented.

3) Probabilistic methods for calculation of structural elements.
Reason for implementation
: individual initiative.
Scientific adviser
: prof. Bakirov Zh.B.
Performed by
: Tanirbergenova A.A.
Main results: A numerical methods for determining the probability characteristics of the stress and strain have been developed . The graphical and numerical methods for determining the probability of failure-free operation were studied. The method of design of structural elements with given reliability and probabilistic methods for calculating the stability was presented. Determining the probability of failure-free operation. Problem solving  with different combinations of distributions of the calculated and the limiting stress.

4) Destruction of an array by shock loads.
Reason for implementation: individual initiative.
Scientific adviser: prof. Bakirov Zh.B.
Performed by: Orazbekova A.A.
Main results: Compiled by the equation describing the implementation of the tool in an array. For the simplest cases of momentum the solution was found and relations for determining the interaction forces and the instrument array were obtained. The stress state of the array in a single stroke was considered. The crack growth under repeated impact loads was studied.

5) The calculation and design of one-dimensional systems of equipment vibration isolation.
Reason for implementation
: individual initiative.
Scientific adviser
: prof. Bakirov Zh.B.
Performed by
: Tazhenova G.D.
Main results
: The problems of optimal synthesis of vibroprotective linear systems were solved. Tazhenova G.D Defended PhD thesis on this subject.

6) Numerical methods for solving problems in dynamics and strength.
Reason for implementation: individual initiative.
Scientific adviser
: prof. Akhmediev S.K.
Main results
: The frame and hollow core of the system shell was studied,  method for their calculation in case of static and dynamic loads  effect was developed. Also the theory of multilayer orthotropic triangular calculation taking into account the differences are not symmetrical layers was developed.

7) The analysis and vibroplatform selection for concrete products forming.
Reason for implementation: individual initiative.
Scientific adviser: associate professor Starostin V.P.

Performed by: associate professor Zhilkibaev N.T.
Main results
: The fluctuations occurred  during the rotation of unbalanced rotors ere studied. The presence of  shock  –  impact-unstressed and shock-and-vibration were studied , the presence of the frequency ratios of forced vibrations and natural frequencies – below resonance ones ,resonance and interresonance   ones was studied .

8) Development of an extruder-granulator design.
Reason for implementation
: individual initiative.
Scientific adviser
: prof. Baydzhanov D.O.
Performed by
: prof. Sikhimbayev S.R.
Main results: There was developed the design of extruder-granulator and pre-production prototype was manufactured which has been delivered to the customer (the South-Kazakhstan State University named after  Auezov M.O.).

Scientific work with students

Scientific work with students organized in the form of 8 scientific coteries, led by professors and associate professors:
1. Kinetostatics of manipulator for assembly works (scientific adviser Ph.D. Professor. Bakirov Zh.B.).
2. The calculation and design of disk disconnectors (scientific adviser Ph.D. Professor. Bakirov Zh.B.)
3. An analytical study of flat hinged-lever mechanisms (scientific adviser Ph.D. associate professor Starostin V.P.)
4. Calculation of the plates by numerical methods (scientific adviser Ph.D., Professor Akhmediev S.K.)
5. Improving the performance of course work on TMM (scientific adviser Filippov T.S.)
6. Destruction of arrays of hot shpurovymi methods (scientific adviser Ph.D. Zhilkibaev N.T.)
7. The use of computer in engineering graphics and descriptive geometry (scientific adviser Prof. Sikhimbayev S.R.)
8. Investigation of plane motion of a rigid body (scientific adviser Ph.D. Imanbaeva L.H.).
In total 93 junior students are involved in NIRS.
11.1. From  review of students’ scientific works the committee of the Institute of Architecture and Construction decided to recommend  the following   scientific works for presentation in  the Republican contest for the best scientific work (protocol no d.d. 19.10.10  of  IAS competitive  committee meeting  for  review of innovation student projects of  KSTU under “Construction” section):
1) “Development of design for a shock pulse mill (MIE), with different shape and arrangement of bills” C-08-1 Kalihan E., A. Rymbekova, C-10-1 Aldabergenov D. Scientific adviser Sikhimbayev R.S.;
2) “Mathematical modeling of the interaction of screw with a concrete mixture with the purpose of selecting the optimal parameters of the extrusion machine”, st. gr. PSK -07-1 Egemberdiev A. Scientific adviser Sikhimbayev S.R.
3) “Mathematical Modeling in  Mechanics” Kaliev A.S. Scientific adviser Imanbaeva L.H.

Other data of scientific character

Head of “Mechanics” chair Bakirov Z.B. is a member of advisory council Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on mechanics and mechanical engineering, a member of national committee on the theoretical and applied mechanics at Academy of Sciences of Republic of Kazakhstan, editorial board member of magazine «University Works».