Department of «Information computing systems»(IСS)




Participation in the competition for grant financing of scientific research of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
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The results of scientific work on cooperation agreements with organizations of Kazakhstan

There are a long-term p
lan of research work, annual plans scientific research, SSR and a scientific seminar on chair. The chair actively takes part in competitions on budgetary financing on selection of projects on performance of initiative and brave scientific researches. For last three years the volume executed state budgetary scientific research has made more than 38 million tenge.

The chair pays much attention to realization of innovative projects and commercialization of research works.

The largest and perspective works are following projects:

– «Working out of scientifically-methodical bases and standards of the mixed training (blended learning) for students of higher educational institutions with use of portals on the basis of semantic web-technologies». As a result of project performance the algorithm and the block diagram of educational processes at university on S&D is constructed; the web-portal structure is developed, the sitemap is generated, adaptation of structure of a web-portal to requirements of the standard documentation is made. The factors defining quality of remote formation are revealed, revealed positive and negative sides of use of the mixed training. The analysis of educational platforms of the mixed mode of study is made.

– «Working out of a hardware-software complex of the integrated communication with remote and mobile objects with use of space technologies». Hardware-software complexes of storage and transfer of the navigating data are investigated. Adjustment and adjustment of the software is made for the organization of the asynchronous channel of satellite communication. The model of the organization of knot of the integrated communication on the basis of IP-technology, GPRS satellite is developed, radio and linear communication, adjustment and adjustment of available points of access the INTERNET on a wireless network is made. Adjusting of system of data transmission from mobile objects with use of cellular communication is carried out; testing of system of data transmission from mobile objects with use of cellular communication is held.

Research of possibility of integration of system of data transmission from mobile and remote objects with RFID-technology for use at the enterprise of joint-stock compan. «Zhajremsky GOK» and «Metal Trading» Ltd is conducted.
By results of researches the conclusion of deals with following interested organizations is planned:

Joint-stock company «Zhajremsky GOK» for the sum of 15 million per year.

«Metal Trading Ltd» for the sum of 20 million per year.

Open Company «PlyusMikro» for the sum of 15 million per year.

Academic degrees, titles, election to the Academy of Sciences and awards received by the employees of the department

The best teacher of the department:

Research work with students is a priority direction in chair activity. Students are actively involved for performance of scientifically – research works. By results of scientific researches many students act with reports at annual student’s scientific and technical conferences.

Students participate in annual Interuniversity regional student’s scientific-theoretical conference «the Student and scientific and technical progress» where the most actual, almost significant problems of a modern science in the field of information-communication technologies are discussed. Conference work promotes development of creative and research activity of students. In 2010 in conference work have taken part students, and in 2011 already students and undergraduates.

Development prospects

The chair puts before itself new innovative problems:

–          Practical realization of two-degree formation with leading high schools of Russia and the far abroad:

–          Opening of doctoral studies PhD;

–          The academic mobility of students and teachers;

–          Preparation and protection by teachers of chair candidate and theses for a doctor’s degree (Russia), doctor’s dissertation PhD (Kazakhstan);

–          Absolute maintenance of disciplines of a speciality with manuals and textbooks in a state language;

–          Creation of system of continuous perfection of knowledge in the field of information systems «Formation through all life!»

–          Increase of efficiency of educational process and quality of knowledge of students with application of modern achievements in the field of information-communication technologies;

–          Full transition on three language  an education system;

–          The organization of foreign training of teachers of chair at leading developers of information systems;

–          Retraining of experts in the field of new information technology;

–          The organization fundamental, search and applied researches in priority scientific and technical directions;

–          Preparation and the edition of scientific, scientifically-methodical editions and educational, study-methodical grants;

–          Development of scientific and industrial communications with the enterprises of Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, Germany;

–          Expansion of the international scientific and technical cooperation with high schools and firms of Russia, Poland, Germany and the USA for the purpose of occurrence in world educational system.