Department of «Energy systems»

On April 14 2022, a meeting of section No. 1 “Energy and energy saving” of the Republican student scientific conference “The contribution of youth science to the implementation of the Strategy” Kazakhstan-2050 “was held. 54 reports were submitted for this section. As a result, the following students were awarded with diplomas:Ergalieva K.A. BZD-20-3 supervisor Kaydanovich O.Yu.Zhabaeva D.O. TE-19-2 scientific adviser Neshina E.G.Imash M.A. EE-18-1 supervisor Bokizhanov G.I.M.Kadysheva K.K. EE-19-3 scientific supervisor Bilichenko E.N.Kartaeva Zh.M. TE-19-1 scientific supervisor Brazhanova D.K.Ysen A.N. EE-19-1 scientific supervisor Tleugabylova M.K.Shutko M.E. BZD-20-3 scientific supervisor Malikov N.M.

Following the results of the Republican student scientific online conference “The contribution of youth science to the implementation of the Strategy” Kazakhstan 2050 “held on April 8-9, 2021, the following students and undergraduates were awarded:

I degree diploma:

Nurmaganbetova A.E. gr. TEM 19-1 supervisor Bulatbaev F.N.

II degree diploma:

Marenova A.G. gr. EE 20-3 supervisor Neshina E.G.

I.I. Sundukov, D.S. Vernig EE 20-2s scientific advisor Draganova M.A.

III degree diploma:

Sәben Ә.K. gr. TE 18-2 scientific supervisor Tleugabylova M.K.

A.A. Shchipkov gr EEM 19-2 scientific supervisor Taranov A.V.

Adilkhan A. EE 18-1 supervisor Madi P.Sh.

For active participation:

Bektasova B.E. EE 18-1 scientific adviser Madi P.Sh.

Golubev D.S. EE 19-3 scientific advisor Abaeva N.F.

Zharylғap M.M. TE 18-1 supervisor G.N.Bayyusenov

In April 2021, the results of the research work competition for the section “Electricity” were summed up. The commission, having considered the scientific work of students, decided to submit for awarding with the Ministry’s Diplomas:
Diploma of the 1st degree – Alexander Olegovich Nemirovich, on the topic “Application of low-voltage lighting systems at autonomous objects”, head Alexander Bashirov, KTU
Diploma of the II degree – Tarlykov Maxim Valerievich, on the topic “Modeling the air levitation system”, head Sichkarenko Andrey Vladimirovich, KTU
Diploma of the II degree – Koganbai Ernur Zhausyuly, on the topic: “Ontustik Kazakhstan aumagyndagy kun collectors energetics kursetkishtern zertteu”, head Meirbekova Oksana Dairovna, International Kazakh-Turkish University named after
III degree diploma – Vlaskin Galim Alekseevich, on the topic “Increasing the throughput of high-voltage transmission lines”, head Tatkeeva Galina Galimzyanovna, Kazakh Agro-Technical University named after S. Seifulinna
III degree diploma – Kobylandy Aslan Armanuly., Suleimenova Aizhan Berikovna on the topic “Development of a control system for a mechatronic line Festo”, head Tohmetova Kuralai Muratbekovna, KTU
Diploma of III degree – Kosniyova Shakhrisada Mergengyzy, on the topic “Zhel generatorsynyң magnet Kozғaushy kүshі men elektr Kozғaushy kүshin modeldeu zhane Esepteu”, head Anuarbekov Maksat Arganatovich, Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S. Seifullina

Entry into the single European Research Area:

TEMPUS program actual perpetrator – Tatkeeva GG, Kyzyrov KB Project Coordinator Portnov VS, the program is designed syllabus for one of the disciplines of a specialty “Automation and Control”.

There are agreements on cooperation in the field of training, exchange of experience, an additional agreement on the development and implementation of a joint master’s program with Tomsk Polytechnic University, Pavlodar State University. S.Toraygyrov. Trained under this program two undergraduates: KA Fedorova Suleimenova and NS, two students: Syrymbet E., I. Gumarov

Undergraduates were trained: A. Sarbasov in the Urals PTU, E. Novikov in Novosibirsk GTU Raymbekova R. St. Petersburg GTU.

Prof. GG Tatkeeva Faculty training was held in Novosibirsk GTU program “Computer presentation in the learning process, from design to the pedagogical use.”

Prof. GG Tatkeeva had an internship at the Institute of High Technology, National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University in “Energy beam-plasma and the electric technology.”


The department operates the following clubs:

1) The monitoring and control of power. Involvement of students: 11

Supervisor – Prof. GG Tatkeeva

2) History of Electrical Engineering and Energy. Supervisor – Ph.D., Associate Professor JJ Imanov Attracting students: 5. bibliographic search is underway.

3) Prospects for energy. Development of alternative energy sources. Involvement of students: 10

Supervisor – Art. teacher Balandin VS

4) Laboratory design lighting systems of various objects. Involvement of students: 10

Supervisor – Art. teacher Shaygaraeva TN

The diploma of I degree of competition projects of the company “Chevron” for energy efficiency in lighting – “Automated energy saving system of good governance electric light”, the head Tatkeeva GG

Developed a working model “model steam cogeneration turbine.” The project was implemented and applied in the educational process. Together with the Department of TCC in Innovation and Youth Centre (202 aud. IV Training. Housing) are working on the creation of innovative laboratory stands for the implementation of the learning process.


The department has three cooperation agreements with leading companies and universities:

1) The cooperation agreement (from 1.04.2009g.) With «Promstroyenergo”;

2) The cooperation agreement (from 13.04.2010g) with JSC Karaganda plant of electrical equipment (KZELTO);

3) The cooperation agreement with JSC “KazCenterElectroProvod” (from 21.12.2010g.)

Cooperation agreement with Pavlodar University in the field of training, exchange of experience and research work. Work under this contract is scheduled and is currently coordinated.

2012: Graduate Group EEM11-1 Zhamlihanova YS and Sulaymaniyah SR participated in the national competition of energy saving projects in lighting, which won first place.

The organizers of the contest: “Chevron Munaygas” Nonprofit JSC “Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications” (AUPET) and public fund RESD.

Invited foreign scholars to lecture in 2013 at the Department of “Energy”