Plan of research work in the 2016-2017 academic year

Plan of research work of students and masters the art in 2016-2017 academic year

Schedule retreats in the Corporate University institutions in the second half of 2016

Timetable for the preparation of articles for publication in rating magazines of Kazakhstan and foreign countries in the second half of 2016

Schedule to enter into economic agreements in the second half of 2016 of the department MTI

To RESEARCH LABORATORY-09 “Informatively-measuring technique

Innovation projects

  1. Purpose and idea of  innovation project

Develop a system of monitoring of mobile objects based on satellite navigation systems II-generation GLONASS (Russia) and NAVSTAR (USA).2. Direction of sciences and industry of economics

2. Direction of science and sector of the economy.

Creation of automated systems for remote monitoring and control

3.Relevance and novelty (innovation) of the project in comparison with existing analogues, including with the world.

Create your own navigation system positioning moving objects with a small error. This system provides a means of import substitution monitoring of mobile objects produced by different countries (Germany, Russia, China, etc.)

4. The practical significance of the project.

Military applications signals positioning system allows better control of the armed forces through precision-guided weapons and army units on the target, for use in marine and aviation navigation in the work of rescue services, will significantly reduce the costs associated with the search engine. In addition, GPS helps save time – a valuable factor in saving people.

5. Effective pilot or mass production, the availability of laboratory, pilot or industrial design, experimental batch.

There is an experimental sample.

6. Place of implementation.

Enterprises with its own car park

7. Total cost – seven million tenge.

8. Offered (studied) funding – JSC “Kazakhmys”

9. Expected results – design documentation for the prototype and pilot batch, the development of production at enterprises of Karaganda

10. Prospects for the introduction and market – mining enterprises of Kazakhstan, carpool

11. Competitiveness and commercialization of the project.

Low cost in comparison with foreign analogues

12. Payback financial costs of the action and the payback period.

Expected payback period – three years after the introduction of a car park at least 20 pcs.

13. Current project status.

Satellite navigation systems are in the process of continuous improvement. To date, commissioned several free for users of satellite systems, broadcasting more correction signals. This – the WAAS for the U.S., EGNOS and MSAS for Europe to Asia. They transmit signals fully compatible with the main code signals available GPS-receivers, ie these correction signals can take any GPS-navigator with the function of WAAS.

14. Problems of implementation, including the need for investment, etc.

Necessary investment within seven million tenge for the manufacture of prototype and development of working documentation.



Obtaining patents (innovation patents)

Title Author* Patent-holder Patent number (provisional patent), country
1. Conveyor scales Namazbayev T.S., V.S. Kolesnikov, Muravlev V.K. Moiseenko V.Y., K.M. Saginova (J.S.C. “Kazchermetavtomatika”) Yessenbayev S.H., S.T. Alimbaev «KazChermetAvtomatika» Company 66623 RK




Academic degrees, titles, elected to the academy of sciences and the awards, received by the department staff

Sergeev V.Y. Alimbaev S.T. successfully defended their dissertations in July – August 2010

Sergeev V.Y., scientific supervisors d.t.s Shulgin E.I., defended Karaganda city, KSTU, 08.07.2010. Dissertation topic “Fire Prevention ribbons on mine conveyor drive drum”,  specialty 05.26.03 – Fire and industrial safety.

Alimbaev S.T.,  scientific supervisors d.t.s AV Bocharov, defended, Karaganda, KSTU. 26.08.2010. Dissertation topic “Research and improvement of load-bearing devices using weighing conveyor suspended rolikoopor”, specialty 05.05.06. – Mining machines.



The results of the cooperation agreements

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement with “Kazchermetavtomatika” Co.  a branch of the department.

Branch of the department in the company LLP “MTU Quartz”

Being working with companies of the Corporate University about contracts for the execution of contractual works.

Scientific work with students and undergraduates

There are scientific circles: “Measuring devices and measuring signals”, heads Yurchenko V.V. Belik M.N.; “Designing instrumentation”, head Alimbaev S.T.




Scientific work with students

Sergeev V.Y. is the head of the section “Science and Programming” Small Academy of Sciences Young researchers Palace Children of Karaganda city.

Yessenbayev  S. H., chairman, K.S. Kakimova members of the expert committee Olympics “Sary Arka” students in computer science. The first phase took place in January 2011. Second – in March 2011