Department of “Information Technology and Security”


Report on scientific activities of the Department of Information technology and security for the 2nd half of 2019 

Report on the work of research groups ITB departments for 2019 

Participation students, undergraduates and doctoral students in Olympiads, competitions and exhibitions in the 2nd half of 2019 


1. Topic title  The rationale for the formation of a new type of university

Basis for implementation – Plan of scientific activity SSL_22 (problems of higher education)

Supervisor – Kokkoz M.

Main results:

Designed and automation nd nd Information systems and organization of the units on the example of the Department of ITS. The automation of the department’s activities is maximally focused on the receipt by the organization’s management of high-quality, consistent and timely information for making management decisions.

Implementation of the results in the educational process:

Attracting students: when developing software systems – 7 students,

Obtain us 4 evidence as to the object of copyright.

Published s 2 become and .

2. Topic title – Mathematical modeling of processes and complex systems

Basis for implementation – Plan of scientific activity SSL_22

Supervisor – Danenova G.

Main results:

About bosnova on and will build on the effectiveness of th technologists I non-waste processing of agricultural raw materials to produce high-quality bakery products purpose.

Developm to methods and to determine the effect of grinding parameters on the physical, biological and health indicators flour product from cereal, leguminous crops and in combinations with each other.

In the absence of results in the educational process:

Performance of graduation projects .

Published s 2 report .

2 Participation in competitions for financing SSW  1

Participation in the competition for the grant funding of scientific research  Ministry of Agriculture of RK.

one)        Topic – “The introduction of a new, highly efficient, waste-free method for the production of whole-grain flour product”

Supervisor – Kokkoz M.

3 The results of scientific work on cooperation agreements with organizations of Kazakhstan

The work “Testing of the ropes of the drainage mine” is being carried out at the ITS department with Bogatyr Komir LLP – a contract for the sum of   1 826 922 tenge under the guidance of associate professor V. Likhachev. Conducted audit and commissioning of stationary mine hoisting plants in the drainage mine section “Bogatyr”.

4 The results of scientific work on treaties on international cooperation

Cooperation with ITASCOgroup,   (city   Toronto,   Canada) .

Within the framework of joint research in the field of information technology , a three-dimensional beam structure model was developed and strength experiments were conducted .

5 The results of scientific workwithin the Corporate University

ITS cooperates with it now  <Epam System>.

Under the leadership of the head of the ITS department Kokko M. The educational laboratory “Information technologies – epam ” was created at the ITS department . At the moment, students and undergraduates of the ITS department are undergoing training on the basis of the laboratory of the LLP < Epam System > .

6 Scientific work with students and undergraduates

As part of the research work of students, 119 students and 36 undergraduates took part, 37 coursework was completed.

As part of the work of the circle” mathematical modeling of processes and complex systems”, computer modeling of systems is considered, thermal processes are studied. (Head: G. T. Danenova). Undergraduates and students took part in conferences (11 reports were published). At the IX International Conference of Students, Students, postgraduates, young scientists” resource-efficient systems in management and control: a look into the future”, TPU, Tomsk, Russia, November 9-11, 2021, 10 reports were published. On May 31-June 6, 2021, St. Petersburg Mining University Published 1 report with undergraduates at the XVII international forum – competition of students and young scientists “actual problems of subsurface use” (No. 2).

Within the framework of the work of the circle” three-dimensional graphics and animation”, an in-depth study of the subject is conducted, modern graphic tools are studied, and three-dimensional models are constructed in various ways. (Head Kan O. A.).

Signature within the framework of the work of the circle” information and communication technologies”. – Kokkoz M. M.) modern programming technologies are considered, software for various subject areas is developed. 2 articles of undergraduates were published in the journal Bulletin of kaznrtu (No. 1,2).

Results of the Republican contest of research works of students (R & D) for the 2020-2021 academic year

Specialty 5b070400 – “Computer Engineering and software”

Diploma of the 3rd degree-Kiselev M. S., VT-17-2 GR (scientific supervisor Klyueva E. G.).

Specialty 5B071600 – “instrument making”

Diploma of the 1st degree – Beisenbayeva L. A., PS-17-2 GR (scientific supervisor Ayzhambayeva S. zh.).

Diploma of the 3rd degree-Kazakova D. A., Krivoguzova A. S., PS-17-2 GR (scientific supervisor Belik M. N.).

Students of the VT-19-1C Group Abikeova N., Toimbekova R. took part in the software testing Olympiad “Test Competition 2021″, November 27, 2021, Karaganda (scientific supervisor Bigalieva A. Z.).

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