Quality training bachelors and masters is impossible without serious scientific work in the department. Research areas, which have been developed and are developing at present, are connected with a wide range of problems, both theoretical and practical nature.

Subject research directions:

1. The theory of heterogeneity in relation to problems of nuclear geophysics, allowing much more accurate assessment of the quality of mineral resources.

2. Gamma-annihilation method as a new tool for studying the chemical composition of rocks and ores.

3. Computer methods of interpreting the results of a comprehensive research of oil and gas wells.

4. Theoretical and experimental justification for geophysical testing of ores by magnetic and nuclear-physical methods.

The Department for many years, carries out research work on the problems of high school. Teachers of the department actively participate in international scientific conferences. Every year several student research papers are sent to the national contest of NIRS.

Developed at the department:

-Complex geophysical methods testing of ferrous metals deposits in Kazakhstan and South Urals stage of detailed operational intelligence;

-Scientific and methodological basis of nuclear geophysical control the composition and quality of fuel and metallurgical raw materials;

-Allocation methodology collectors assess their reservoir properties in the subsalt clastic sediments of the eastern edge of the Caspian basin by geophysical data well.

1. Scientific partners

As part of the Corporate Department of the University of GF department has five branches in enterprises – JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” (Almaty), KF JSC “AzimutEnerdzhiServisez” (Karaganda) Ltd, “Tsentrgeolanalit” (Karaganda), Ural State Technical University – UPI ( Ekaterinburg), Institute of Geophysics UB RAS (Ekaterinburg). Joint Stock Company “Kazpromgeofizika” was established on the basis of the oldest enterprises of the former Ministry of Geology of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main activities of organizations providing services for the well survey (GIS), oil and gas companies.

One of the oldest log services of Kazakhstan, JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” has good production bases, with all the necessary equipment to conduct geophysical surveys in wells. Highly qualified professionals with extensive industry experience, both in Kazakhstan and abroad: they worked in Viet Nam, Yemen, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Mongolia.

At the moment the work is done by logging contracts with customers in the wells for various purposes (parametric search, exploration for oil and gas exploitation, pressure, water wells, the wells to monitor the environmental conditions, wells to monitor the condition of underground gas storage facilities, and t . etc.).

The company’s policy – the latest acquisition of equipment, improvement of technology manufacturing, continuous professional development specialists.

JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” is a member of Kazakhstan’s first Corporate of the University, established on the basis of Karaganda University of Technology, which became the mechanism associated with the strategic development of business development of its human resources.

Together with leading experts of JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” conducted research work involving the faculty of the Department of GF and G, students, and undergraduates.
Every year in the branches of JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” are educational, industrial and externship students and undergraduates majoring in “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits,” as well as training of the faculty of the department of Geophysics and Geology.

JSC “Azimuth Energy Services” is the legal successor of the former Soviet Union’s largest PGE “KazGeofizika” and leading companies in exploration industry in Kazakhstan. In 2006, the “nuclear” was included in the Group of Companies “Integra”, which is one of the leaders in Russia and CIS in the oilfield services sector land.

It includes over 80 companies focused on the development of market services in the field of drilling, overhaul and repair of oil and gas wells, geophysical surveys and production of oil and gas and related equipment.

Karaganda branch of JSC “Azimuth Energy Services” (KF JSC “NPP”) is known in the business of mineral resources of Kazakhstan as the first time a private company that performs a wide range of geological and geophysical work.

Scope of the Karaganda branch has its own specificity, which distinguishes it from other departments of the company. First of all, these differences are in the orientation of the branch to meet the needs of businesses engaged in mining of solid minerals, (although the issues of search and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits also play a significant role in the statement of work performed by KF JSC “NPP”).

KF JSC “plant” is also the base of manufacturing practices of the department “Geophysics and Geology” and annually welcomes students to her passing, receiving their production skills to under study at the Department of KSTU disciplines.

LLP “Tsentrgeolanalit” is a unique experience for the Exploration of mineral resources, which is due not only to available modern equipment and qualified personnel.
For over half a century of existence of the laboratory accumulated rich experience in the study of various geological sites.

When performing complex analytical studies of mineral raw materials is carried out:

– Chemical and physico-chemical studies;

– Phase analysis of iron, manganese, tungsten, molybdenum, polymetallic ores;

– Atomic – emision analysis at 16, 32, 40 elements, quantitative – for 20 elements;

– Assay-gravimetric assay and atomic absorption analysis;

– Hydrochemical analysis of natural groundwater, surface water, mineral, drinking water, wastewater and brine;

– A complete physical and chemical analysis of mud (silt sulfide, peat): consistency, debris, water content, bulk density, shear strength, adhesiveness, heat capacity, thermal conductivity, ability, etc.

Specialists LLP “Tsentrgeolanalit” conducted technological research of properties of various types of ores and industrial structures; developed individual technological schemes of processing and enrichment, studies in vats, heap leaching and bacterial, flotation, magnetic, electromagnetic and gravity separation.

The company has three production facilities in the city of Karaganda where are the following units:

– Laboratory analytical studies;

– Laboratory of physical methods;

– Laboratory studies of coal, oil and gas;

– Laboratory geotechnical studies;

– Laboratory technology research;

– The environmental group;

– Section of sample preparation;

– Mechanical service;

– Service of Metrology, Standardization and Certification.

A joint scientific – technical work KSTU and LLP “Tsentrgeolanalit” performed in 2005. Studies have been conducted on the calculation of the rock pit Nurkazgan. The works were carried out in accordance with GOST 21 153. The limits of strength under uniaxial compression, uniaxial tension, and shear with compression and deformation characteristics of rocks. Also determines the physical properties of rocks such as true density, average density, moisture content, water absorption, porosity. On the basis of this work were calculated pit wall.

In the future we plan to continue the practice of joint research projects KF JSC “nuclear” and at KSTU economic contractual basis.

Order of Red Banner of Labor Institute of Geophysics, created by decree of the Presidium of the USSR 10.01.58  N 5 on the basis of Geophysics, Mining and Geological Institute of the USSR UFAN for the development of geophysical research in the Urals and theoretical study of problems of data and analysis of available data on geophysics for the production of general theoretical, experimental and field studies. At the present time – is a major center of Geophysical Research in the Urals, only the area from Moscow to Novosibirsk.

The main areas of research:

The study of patterns of structure and dynamics of Earth’s crust and upper mantle based on geophysical data, the study of geophysical fields, the creation and improvement of geophysical methods and systems to forecast, prospecting and exploration of other types of ore and minerals, earthquake prediction, development of resource-saving technologies, environmental monitoring environment, the creation of geophysical equipment and automated data collection, transmission, processing, storage and interpretation of data, including, for the study of deep and ultradeep wells.

At the Institute of 8 laboratories, research and group seismic, electrical and magnetic studies Geophysical Observatory “Artie” with seismic, magnetic and ionospheric stations.

The Institute actively participate in international scientific events. Cooperation agreement with the University of Tokyo and the National Research Centre of earthquakes (Tainan city Taypsy).

Institute conducted jointly with the University of Munich expeditions from paleomagnetic studies in the Urals.

The Institute implements its development abroad. Based on the developments of the Institute of Geophysics, conducted a large experiment in the northern Tien Shan on the process of preparation of a tectonic earthquake, based on spatio-temporal monitoring of radon. The experiment also participated in the Institute of Seismology NAS Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University.

Apparatus and method for magnetic logging of deep and ultradeep wells are used in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

2. The scientific activity of  teachersAt the Department of GMFR for the last three years if the following economic contracts topics:

1. Contract № 08.06.01 – for scientific research with CF JSC “Azimut Energy Services” – “local forecasting gold-polymetallic mineralization by geophysical methods in Northern Kazakhstan” – 1020 000tg (2009 ended with the protection of the report) .

2. Contract № 123 – KPGF for scientific research with JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” – “Study of reservoir properties collectors Neocomian deposits Zhangurshi horizon” – 2000 000tg (funding carried over to 2012.). With members of the Corporate University faculty chair will carry out joint research projects on the following topics:1. Study of the physical properties of rocks and ores of gold-polymetallic type;

2. Comprehensive study of the reservoir and the reservoir rock properties in studies of oil wells;

3. Optimization techniques nuclear geophysical methods to determine residual oil saturation and the current;

4. Construction of correlation schemes productive deposits for various oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan;
5. Geological and geophysical quality control of mineral resources in the operational stages of exploration and subsequent processing;

6. Creating systems of computer monitoring technological and geological environment of mining production, including the autonomous system of quality control of mineral resources;7. Creating systems and geophysical quality control of minerals in all stages of the search and exploration, the introduction of mining, extraction and processing;8. Creation of innovative mineral processing, including energy, non-conventional and technological fields.Over the past three years members of the department attended the GF in 45 scientific conferences. Published 70 abstracts, 10 articles in in journals with impact factor 1 article.Published scientific papers, of 48 lp.: In 2008 – 15 pp, including the national language 2.0 pp), in 2009 – 15 pp including the national language 1.5 pp) and in 2010 – 18 pp including the national language 2.0 pp), in 2011 – 20 pages, in 2012 – 20 pagesDuring the reporting period, reserved two theses (Park D.Y., Puzeeva M.P.). Annually defended his master’s thesis.

3. The scientific activity of students.

Senior students are attracted to perform research in the department. Each year, the results of research are reported on a regional intercollegiate student scientific conference. At these conferences produced in 2008 -36 reports (25 students) in 2009 – 42 of the report (38 students) in 2010 – 48 reports (36 students) in 2011 – 38 reports (27 students ), in 2012 – 43 of the report (33 students) with the publication of abstracts. On chairs arranged five scientific groups with students and undergraduates, organized and carried out of the cathedral Olympiad level. The department’s students annually take part in Republican contests. Organized student participation in national competitions SRWS: the stage of the Republican contest intrahigh student work each year shall be submitted not less than 10 works.On science department and Corporate companies the University conducted the implementation and protection of final works.Annually, there are cathedral scientific seminars with students and undergraduates. Held annually on Intercollegiate Student Conference “Student and Scientific-Technical Progress” Students of 10-15 reports are also regularly publishes reports of students in collaboration with teachers. The department “Geophysicists” organized research circles in the following areas:

1) Interpretation of GMRW (supervised PhD. Ponomareva M.V.);

2) Nuclear Geophysics (head prof. Y.N. Pak, PhD. Pak D.Y.);

3) Methods of field geophysics (head prof. Portnov VS Parafilova R.U.);

4) Geophysical equipment (head CG of sciences, associate professor., Bochenin Y.V.).

4. Plans of the scientific research work of teachers and students

5.Report on results of innovative projects and their commercialization.

Ongoing innovation projects:

1. The name of the theme: “The organization of independent work of students majoring 5B070600”

Reason for: Action research project

Supervisor: Ponomarevа M.V.

Main results: Analysis and gathered material for the preparation method on the “Organization of independent work of students majoring 5В070600.”

Results of the study were discussed at faculty meetings and reported in 3 papers at scientific conferences.

2. Name of the theme: “Building the geological models of ore deposits”

Reason for economic  contract “K.A. BMDU number 5 on May 23, 2008 ” Supervisor: Serich V.I.

Key Results: To date, 46 is composed of models of ore deposits and explanatory notes thereto.

Results of the study presented in the monograph “setter in granitoids,” Serich V.I., Makarova T.F .

Funding temporarily suspended.

3. The study of the distribution of the roof rocks of coal seams average subsuite Karaganda Formation mine them. Kostenko

Reason for: Action research project

Supervisor: Biljalov B.D., Prof. Doctor of sciences

Main results: Plans of the scheme and facies variation of the roof rocks of coal seams.

Results of the study were discussed at faculty meetings and outlined in his master’s thesis Kopobaeva A.T., 2 reports on scientific conferences.

4.  The study of the distribution of the Stein ¬ deposits of rare and nonferrous metals in Central Kazakhstan

Reason for: Action research project

Supervisor: Kryazheva T.V. Assoc., Ph.D.

Main results: estimated metallogenic layout fields.

Results of the study were discussed at faculty meetings, written and protected by four coursework project and two diplomas, as well as set out in 2 papers at scientific conferences.

5. Improvement of the theoretical justification ¬ reflection of magnetic and nuclear-physical methods for testing.

Reason for: Action research project

Supervisor: Portnov V .S., Prof. Ph.D.

Main results: The properties of the ores Vasilkovskoye.

Results of the study were discussed at faculty meetings, written and defended a master’s thesis, 2 diploma project and presented in 2 papers at scientific conferences.

6. Development of mathematical methods of calculating reserves geophysical methods-sky

Reason for: Action research project

Supervisor: Bochenin Y.V,  Ph.D. Parafilova R.U.

Main results: The method of mathematical calculation of mineral reserves on the basis of geophysical properties of the ores.

Results of the study were discussed at faculty meetings and presented in 4 presentations at scientific conferences.

7. A preliminary evaluation of geophysical methods of governance process of extraction and recycling ¬ processing of raw materials.

Reason for: Action research project

Supervisor: Prof. Y. N. Pak., Ph.D.

The main results:

Results of the study were discussed at faculty meetings and contained in a master’s thesis, 3-course projects, and 2 papers at scientific conferences.
In the process of learning initiatives for students involved in research conducted by the department.

The results of research each year are used in the preparation of coursework (18 works), graduate work (11 studies) and master’s works (3 master’s thesis).