Education and research activities in the department “Mining Machinery and Equipment” based on the best traditions of high school.

In the department work11 full-time teachers, including 3 doctors of technical sciences, 3 PhD, 4 teachers and one assistant. During the years of existence of this chair were prepared 14 doctors and over than 50 candidates of the technical sciences, received over than 500 author’s certificates on inventions and patent.

The department has the material and technical base to meet modern challenges of vocational training students and undergraduates.

The department connect with research, academic and industrial organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the other countries, has a research and production communications to the large industrial enterprises and companies of the country (“Arcelor Mittal Temirtau”, “Kazakhmys” Corporation, “Mashzavod №1», “KargormashM”, “Zhairem”, “Karagandanerud” “Borusan Makina Kazakhstan», «Atlas Copco Kazakhstan», “Sandvik Mining and Construction “, “Bogatyr Coal” “KazMunayGas “, ” KazTransOil “, deposit” Kumkol “, ” Tengizchevroil”, “KazTransGas “, “Festo” and others). The department has branches in some plants.

As part of the Corporate University this year agreed work and signed a contract to provide services to the manufacturing and testing of the breaker with KLMZ “Kazakhmys Corporation” for a grant on “Development breaker for crushing of rocks.” Scientific adviser is Mitusov A.A.

As part of the Corporate University, the following thesis projects this year:

1.Modernization of the ball tube mill in the Balkhash Mining and Metallurgical Combine. Student Kim VG c. GM 11-1. Scientific adviser is Nokin Zh.N.

2.Improving the design of the conveyor belt 3LKR-1000 in the mine “Abaiskaya.” Student Tarabaev S.N. group GM 11-1. Scientific adviser is Malybaev N.S.

3.Analysis and selection of process equipment for excavation layers mine “Saransk”. Student Shayhin A.T., group GM 11-1. Scientific adviser  is Abdugalieva G.B.

The scientific activity of the department “Mining machines and equipment” is on the following areas:


  1. Name of the theme: “The creation of low-waste systems mashinotehnologicheskih mining based on an integrated use of mineral resources“.

Supervisors are Prof.  Zhetesov S.S., Ph.D.  Beisembaev K.M.

Main results:

– Developed a simulation model of the angular scraper conveyor in ADAMS;

– Calculated efforts in the area of turning scraper conveyor and conveyor chain tension force.


  1. The name of the theme: “Development of methods of research, calculation and design of hydraulic pulse using computer technology“.

Supervisors are Ph.D. Mitusov A.A., Reshetnikova O.S.

Main results:

– Calculated the parameters of the drain plunger control system breaker in Mathcad;

– Made the adjustment, the calculation and analysis of the output characteristics of the simulation model of the hydraulic percussion with electric stand on Festo.

Work on grant funding for research of the Competition Committee of Science MES:


  1. Name of the theme: “Development of new information technologies of adaptive design models recess for systems integrated development of mineral resources“.

Supervisor is prof. Zhetesov S.S.

Main results:

– Constructive solutions designed for the operational use of universal equipment and techniques in the adaptive notch recess underground deposits.


  1. Name of the theme: “Development of the breaker for crushing of rocks

Supervisor is Ph.D Mitusov A.A.

Purpose is to develop a new design hammer, functionally and structurally satisfying the conditions of use for crushing oversized ores and rocks after drilling and blasting process in open pit mines, quarries, mines, as well as during stripping operations during the construction of the underground mining enterprises and other mining and construction industry.

Main results:

– Testing procedures breaker, selected measuring equipment for testing the breaker;

– Coordinated work on the manufacturing and testing breaker with KLMZ.

In the current year to participate in the Competition Committee of Science MES for grant funding for research on the 2015-2017 biennium. GAMET filed by the department following applications:

  1. Name of the theme: “Study of the possibility of application of complex biological and physico-chemical methods for wastewater treatment.” Supervisor Abdugalieva G.B.
  2. Name of the theme: “Research on the development of technologies for processing flotation concentrate.” Supervisor Abdugalieva G.B.
  3. Name of the theme: “Development of the angular conveyor cleaning Complex”. Supervisor Beisembaev K.M.

At the department “Mining machines and equipment” are 3 scientific groups (18 students, 4 undergraduates):

1 “Exploitation of oil and gas fields”, supervisor – associate professor, Ph.D. Malybaev NS, associate professor, Ph.D. Shmanov M.N.;

2 “Innovations in Mining”, supervisor – associate professor, Ph.D. Beisembaev K.M.;

3 “Hydraulics and hydraulic” Supervisor – Associate Professor, Ph.D. Mitusov A.A., Associate Professor, Ph.D. Zholdybaeva G.S.

Students participating in scientific circles perform diploma projects on scientific subjects circles.

The results of the research work of students published in the student conference.