The department of «Development of mineral deposits»


Scientific activity of the department, participation in projects
At the Department of RMPI much attention is paid to scientific work carried out on state budget and contractual topics. The total annual funding of research work of the department over the past 2 years exceeds 60 million tenge. At the same time, the customers of the contractual topics are large industrial enterprises of the mining complex, members of the Corporate University Innovation and Educational Consortium: UD of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Shubarkolm JSC, Nova-Zinc LLP.
The main scientific base of the department is the Laboratory of Engineering Profile: “Integrated development of mineral resources”, in the direction of activity “Study of the geomechanical state of rocks”, which is equipped with the latest equipment, instruments and equipment.
The following research works are carried out at the department:

  1. “Study of the influence of weathering factors, methods and technology of storage on the storage time of raw coal and the development of measures to improve and preserve its size” – JSC “Shubarkol Komir”. The amount of funding is 49.5 million tg, (scientific adviser. Drizhd NA).
    2. “Investigation of factors affecting the spontaneous combustion of a special coke produced from Shubarkol coal and the development of recommendations on the conditions for storing special coke in containers, warehouses and open areas” – JSC Shubarkol Komir. The amount of funding is 20 million tg (scientific adviser. Drizhd NA).
    3. “Development of technological regulations for the development of underground mine Akzhal” – LLP “Nova-Zinc” The amount of funding 10.920 million tg (scientific adviser. Imashev A.Zh.)
    4. “Conducting research and development works in the area of ​​the deposit being developed with a view to developing technological documentation on the choice of supports for mine workings at the Zapadny Karazhal mine and their parameters” – Orken LLP. The amount of funding is 5 million tg. (scientific adviser. Imashev A.Zh.)