The department of «Development of mineral deposits»

At the RMPI department, much attention is paid to scientific work carried out on state budgetary and contractual topics. At the same time, the customers of economic contractual topics are large industrial enterprises of the mining complex, members of the Innovation and Educational Consortium “Corporate University”: UD ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Shubarkolkomir JSC, Nova-Zinc LLP.

Performed scientific work:

1) Title of the topic: “Research work to achieve optimal fragmentation of broken rock mass in the presence of non-digitized workings and clearing spaces under quarry No. 6 of the Zholymbet deposit.”

Main results:

– an analysis of the mining-geological and mining-technical situation of the Zholymbet deposit was carried out;

– analysis of currently used drilling and blasting parameters was performed;

– a study was carried out of the influence of structural features and strength properties of the massif on the parameters of drilling and blasting operations;

– study of the influence of the rock dump on the stability of the quarry side and the safety berm;

2) Title of the topic: “Research work on express assessment of the state of the mined-out space of the Zhylandinsky deposit.”

Main results:

– the method and procedure for constructing an information plan according to the degree of destruction of the elements of mine workings was studied and selected;

– the procedure for constructing an information plan for subsidence multiplicities has been identified;

– stable, weakened and unstable areas were identified in the mines of the Zhylandinsky deposit;

3) Title of the topic: “Research work on setting the sides of the quarry to the design parameters, taking into account the preservation of safety berms.”

Main results:

– a study of the advantages of new methods and testing schemes was carried out. The choice of development system for the Pustynnoye deposit is justified, taking into account mining and geological conditions;

– analysis of development schemes, properties of ores and rocks of the Pustynnoye deposit was carried out. the maximum heights of the quarry benches have been determined.

– a study of methods for carrying out drilling and blasting operations in fields with a complex geological structure of the rock mass was carried out;

– the design parameters of the quarry side were studied and its optimal slope angles were determined.

– the influence of drilling and blasting operations on the design parameters of the quarry side was studied.

– an analysis of the stress-strain state of rocks at the Pustynnoye deposit was carried out. The most vulnerable places on the sides of the quarry have been identified;

– the seismic influence of the explosion force on the stability of the structural parameters of the quarry sides was studied;

– a study of modern methods for assessing the stability of rock masses based on rating indicators was carried out;

– studies were carried out to determine the maximum permissible slope angles of the pit sides;

– analytical studies were carried out to determine the factors influencing the deviation from the design parameters of safety berms.

4) Title of the topic: on the topic AP14869856 “Creation of new technologies for drilling and blasting operations that ensure the safety of the design parameters of mine workings and the stability of the perimeter part of the massif”

Main results:

– a calculation of the cable fastening to support the ore-hosting rocks was carried out, and pilot tests were carried out aimed at reducing dilution and conducting a comparative analysis.

– a geotechnical block model of the deposit was built, on the basis of which geotechnical domains were determined by stability categories, which in turn is necessary to optimize mining parameters to manage dilution.

5) Topic name: AP14972815-KC-22 “Study of the geomechanical situation in conditions of unstable massifs with the choice and justification of the technology for securing development workings”

Main results:

– analysis of world experience in studying and solving problems of ore bodies, taking into account the geomechanical state of the rock mass;

– analysis of existing methods for studying the stress-strain state of a rock massif and methods for taking into account the degree of influence of fracturing on the stability of technogenic outcrops, determining the limits of applicability of modern methods for assessing the stability of a rock massif based on rating indicators;

– carrying out laboratory tests to determine the physical and mechanical properties of rock samples;

6) Topic name: AP14972951 “Optimization of mining parameters to control ore dilution when mining thin deposits based on a set of geotechnical solutions”

Main results:

– theoretical studies were carried out and an analytical report was compiled based on the results of geotechnological studies to study the physical and mechanical properties and structural features of the rock mass, aimed at optimizing the drilling and blasting passports; analysis of global research experience and prepared an analytical report on the study of international research experience to solve the problem of ensuring the safety of design parameters of mine workings. The patterns of influence of mining-geological and mining-technical.