Research work conducted at the departments of the directions “Role of elective courses to improve professional economists erudition,” “Marketing research and ensuring the competitiveness of products KZETO” and “Effective Organization of Housing”.
Over the past two years it has published over 170 scientific articles 7 monographs.
Since 2004 the institute operates Business – laboratory where students conduct market research, develop business plans. The result of student marketing project «A Thousand Voices” was a grant the U.S. Peace Corps for the acquisition of a special thermo press (2006).
IE students actively participate in international and regional conferences: the 2008 student of the group assess-06-2 Eliseev T. in Novosibirsk took 2d place, the student of the group E-07-2p D. Sultanov won 3 rd place in Yekaterinburg. In April 2010, in Interuniversity Student Scientific Conference, held in KSTU student of the group assess-07-2 Savchishina  was awarded the diploma of 1 degree, a student of Men-09-2 Kazykanova D.M. awarded the Diploma of 3 degrees. At the II Republican scientific-practical conference held in Karaganda University “Bolashak” April 23, 2010 student of E-08-2 Erdenov S.K. awarded the diploma of 3rd degree. In 2010 the student of the group E-07-4 Shemchuk A. participated and was awarded a certificate in the draft of an international student organization AIESEC in Kazakhstan – «TOP TALENTS» (Insurance company ASKO).
At Mathematical Olympiad our students won second place (stud. E-08-3 Yashchuk M.) and third (stud. SCS-08-2 Sagimbayeva G.).
At the VI regional scientific-practical conference held in Karaganda State University, which was named “New generation and up-to date problems of economic development of RK” student of the group Men-10-1 Kalieva M.E was awarded the diploma.

At the Interuniversity conference which held in Karaganda State Technical University March 2011, “Innovations in technics, technologies and in education”, student of group economics – 10-2 Rahisheva G.N. was awarded the diploma.


Main directions of Scientific research activities of Faculty of Engineering economics and Management


Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management

 (Dean Biryukov V.V.)

«Improving Competitiveness of economics of the Republic Kazakhstan in the condition of globalization»



Name of research area


Enterprise economy

(Head of Department Akhmetjanov B.A.)  

The development and introduction of the model of vertically integrated structures for mining and metallurgical enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Engineering Entrepreneurship and Marketing

(Head of Department Steblyakova L.P.)  

The development and introduction of the innovative methods of Business Management of services sector in Karaganda region to improve efficiency and of competitive ability in times of crisis and post-crisis development






Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management                                                        BiryukovV.V