Surveying and topography department

Scientific work of the department

Direction of the scientific research work: “Control of geomechanical processes in the the open pits”.

Agreements on carrying out the SRW are  concluded with the next mining enterprises:

  • “Kazakhmys corporation”;
  • “Shubarkol komir”;
  • “Kazkhrom”;
  • “SSGPO”;
  • “Zhayremskiy GOK”;
  • “Vasilkovskiy GOK”.

The total sum of the money according to the agreements in the last 5 years composed 37,5 mln. tenge.

Results of scientific studies of department during the period since 2005 are reflected in 5 monographs, 1 brochure, 126 articles in different publications and reports of the scientific practical conferences.

15 preliminary patents and the author’s certificates of invention are obtained.

The preparation of theses by graduate students and postgraduate students is conducted on the base of scientific studies. The international seminar of Swiss firm “Leica” on the idea of contemporary geodetic instruments (Mr. Gerbie) is organized on the base of the department.

The department participated in the competitive tenders:

A) on the public procurement of services by the method of competition on the selection of scientific projects according  for fulfilling of initiative-taking and risky scientific studies and developments in 2010. – The lot  №48, scientific research project on the theme: “The development of mathematical models and software for evaluating the stability of open pit slopes with the development of complex structured layers” (scientific leader Nizametdinov F.K. – Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. head of the MSaG department);

b) to the competition of Grants “the fund of the first President” for conducting of basic and applied scientific research:

– Grants to the trips – Nizametdinov N.F. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, teacher of the MSaG department;

– scientific research project on the theme: “A study of geomechanical processes on the quarries” – Nizametdinov R.F. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, teacher of the MSaG department;

c) conducting purchases by the method of the demand of price proposals for the fulfillment of scientific research work (SRW) on the study of the state of the stability of the slopes in coal strip mine “Zhalyn” at the Zhanaarkinskiy region of Karaganda.

2. The MS&G department was included in consortium and together with Nyugat-magyarországi  egyetem (NymE) (Hungary) developed the design claim within the framework of the program tempus 4 on the theme of flexible learning environment in geo informatics (development of the flexible medium of instruction for the specialties of geo-information theory).

In the department function five scientific circles:

  • “Surveying instruments” (leader: Prof. Nizametdinov F.K);
  • “Geo-information systems” (leader: docent. Ozhigin S.G., the graduate student Olenyuk S.P.);
  • “The stability of career slopes” (leader: docent. Ozhigina S.B.);
  • “The automation of surveying measurements” (leader: docent. Ozhigina   S.B., the graduate student Nizametdinov N.F., the senior instructor Toleubekova Z.Z.).
  • “Observations of the deformations of buildings and construction” (leader: the senior instructor Khmyrova E.N., the senior instructor Besimbaeva O.G.).

Two scientific circles are conducted in State and Russian language.

The results of scientific studies are used in the training process with the preparation of diploma projects and the fulfillment of course projects on disciplines: instrument science, the shifting of the rocks, the automation of geodetic measurements, geomechanics, and geo-information systems in the mining.

Students actively participate in the scientific research life of department.

To the intercollegiate student conference: “Innovations in equipment, technology and formation”, 2010 g. are prepared 49 reports, from which three are noted by the certificates:

– for the I place – Suprunova A A.(scientific. leader the senior instructor Khmyrova E. N. );

– for the II place – Musagulova S. S., Riazanova G.V., Zulgarina D.A. (scientific. leader Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. Sabdenbekyly O.);

– for the III place – Nurpiisova S. S. , Lee E.S.  (scientific. leader Candidate of Technical Sciences, lecturer Moser D.V.).

To the republic competition to the best scientific work of students are prepared 17 works, including within the divisions:

– “Mining” – 7 works;

– “Surveing and Topography” – 8 works;

– “Safety of vital activity and environmental protection” – 2 works.

From the represented 17 works, two- are represented to the rewarding by the diplomas of ministry IT RK of the I and III degree:

– The I degree – work of students Ozhigin D. S. and Ermakasheva N. T.  on the theme: “The substantiation of the parameters of the steady boards of quarry on the design outline” (scientific. the hands – Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. Nizametdinov F.K.);

– THE III degree – work of students gr. Dolgonosova E. V. and Panasenko E. A. on the theme: “The study of the rheological properties of the rocks” (scientific. the hands – Candidate of Technical Sciences, docent Ozhigin S.G.).

To the republic competition of the fund for the first President of republic Kazakhstan to the best scientific work of students on the natural, technical and humanities are prepared three works:

– “A study of the process of the shifting of near-rim and dump massifs in the Shubarkol section” (author –  Ozhigin D.S., scientific. Doctor of Technical Science, Prof. Surveying Nizametdinov F.K.);

– “The improvement of the procedure of the substantiation of the computed values of the strength characteristics of the rocks” (author –  Nagibin A.A., scientific.leader – Candidate of Technical Sciences Ozhigina S.B.);

– “The study of the rheological properties of the clay rocks of the Turgay layer of bauxites” (authors – Dolgonosova E.V., Panasenko E.A., scientific leader – Candidate of Technical Sciences, docent Starostina O.V.).

From the represented 17 works, two- they are represented to the rewarding by the diplomas of ministry E and S RK of the I and III degree:

Students participate in the international practical-scientific conferences:

– The international practical-scientific of the conference: “The vital problems of the mining and metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan (Saginovskie readings №1)”, Karaganda, KSTU, 2009 y., are published: 1 report of master Sakenova D. T. and 4 reports by students Zulgarina D. A., RyazanovA G. V. , Syzdykov A. A. and master Tuleukulova D. T. in the co-authorship with the instructors of department.

– The international scientific conference: “Science and formation – the leading factor of strategy “Kazakhstan -2030”, Karaganda, KSTU, masters degree candidates Tomilov A.N.  and Carl A.  is published in the co-authorship with the instructors 1 report;

– International practical-scientific conference “contemporary problems geo-technician, mechanics and construction of transport facilities”, dedicated to 70- anniversary from the birthday and 45 – to anniversary of the scientific-pedagogical activity of Doctor of Technical Science, professor, academician, member of international geotechnic association in mechanics of soils and foundation building (ISSMGE) and the Kazakhstan geotechnic association Of Isakhanova E.A., Almaty, Kazakh ATiK after M. Tynyshpaeva,  -1 reports of stud. gr.