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In January 2014 Professor of the Department Osik Y.I. co-authored by Z.S.Gelmanovа,

B.Zh. Spanova published textbook “Management of innovative activity in the context of

globalization.” This manual is published in the framework of the “Trinity of languages” KSTU.

Reviewers: Ainabek K.S. – PhD, Professor, Director of the SRI NESA at KEUK, Nurseitov B.N. – Ph.D., Professor of the Department of Economics at KSIU, Daribekova A.S. – Ph.D., docent, Head of Department of Finance at KSIU.

Annotation: The research results allow to distinguish outstanding characteristics and features of innovation activity in a market economy. The proposed definition of criterial types of innovations applicable to the production and management solutions in order of unification and typification. Suggested recommendations for creating an enabling environment for innovation can be used in practical works of  innovation institutions.

February 25-26, 2013 at Karaganda State Technical University was held a republican scientific-practical conference “Socio-economic modernization of Kazakhstan: problems and solutions“, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of KSTU.

55 works in the form of theses on various aspects of the economy was presented in section 2, “Social aspects of competitiveness of the economy”, at the Department of ”Management of the enterprise”. In the section work  participated Doctor of Science, PhD, university professors, graduate students, researchers SRI cities of Astana and Almaty, Pavlodar, Karaganda and Ternopil.


All issues and questions addressed in the reports are relevant not only for Kazakhstan, but also for other countries.

Subjects of reports cover a range of issues of modern economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, located in the conditions of accelerated modernization and structuring.

Item development devoted to the problems of quality of higher education, directions of its improvement. More than 30% of the submitted reports were prepared on the subject of the problems of modern economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of the challenges and threats of the twenty-first «.

The following works attract interest from the presented performances:

  1. Kusainova A.A «Regional protection – a tool of social protection»
  2. Igembaeva A.E., Kuatova A.C., Kungeldikyzy Sh “Modernization of the business sector in the Republis of Kazakhstan»
  3. Kadrina A.M. “Improving the effectiveness of the technical levels in the manufacture of enterprises»


From all the section works were marked reports of Lisova N.A. (KSU n.a E.Buketova), Kulikov V.U., Isagulov A.Z., Shcherbakova E.P. (KSTU); Tybin .A.M., Halish N.A. (TNEU Ternopil).

Special attention deserves the report of Kalkabaeva G.M. about modern banking products for population and stages of their development and implementation.

The interesting reports of  Osik Y.I. and Igembaeva A.E. about the formation of the global institutional environment capable of providing a significant impact on the implementation of economic programs.

Problems of employment and unemployment, wages were reflected in the reports of Pritvorova T.P. and Dyusembaeva A., Kabdybay A.K. and Kenzhebekov N.D .(NIIRR).

Transformation of property relations in contemporary reorganization of the national economy has been subject to research Bissenova J.A. (Astana, KATU them. S.Seifullin).

For active participation in the section work are recommended for awarding of diplomas:

For the I place – Koshebaeva Gauhar Kapenovna, KSTU

“Quality of education – a factor of competitiveness of the knowledge economy”

For the II place – Kolesnikova Ludmila Ivanovna, KSTU

  “The dynamics of the labor market structure in the industrial region”

For the III place – Shuvalova Galina Antonovna, KSTU

“Employment and unemployment in the context of social responsibility and sustainability of society”

For the III place – Battal Yernazar Meyramuly, KEUK

Kadyrgalieva Raushan Fatikulaevna, KSTU

Presidium section thank all the speakers who spoke at the meeting and note the relevance of scientific reports of the participants, reflecting the most acute problems of economic development of the country and  their practical orientation.