Smailova Saule

Hello dear reader! I’ll start from a distance. I believe that the best things in our  lives often happen unexpectedly. When in 2008 I applied to Karaganda State Technical University I was not sure about correctness of the choice of profession “Automation and control”, as I always considered myself as the person of the humanities. But to my surprise two years of study at KSTU were the best, as they opened the door to many opportunities and prepared me for the conquest of further heights. I have found for myself an interesting world of engineering sciences and gradually with hard work mastered the basics of higher mathematics and physics, and what’s importantly, improved my knowledge in English on extra courses in KSTU.

One day, my attention was attracted by an offering quite by chance, to learn in  the best universities of the world by Bolashak programme. Curiosity led me to the office of International Cooperation Department, where worshipful Bakhytgul Zholmagambetova-a person to whom I am immensely grateful for the assistance and help- explained all procedure of selection in details.
As you might guess, I passed all the stages of testing and became owner Bolashak scholarship. I am writing to you from Toronto – from far Canada, where I study in the language school at  University of York the fourth month. Now I’m going to enter University of Toronto, which takes  1st position in Canada and 9th in the world in the sphere of Engineering. In consequence of a good base of technical knowledge gained in the Polytechnic Institute, I have confidently chosen the profession of Industrial Engineering. Being specialist in this area, I hope to contribute to the further development of our young republic, by improvement of socio-technical systems.
To tell separately about the impressions of Canada, the country was extremely hospitable and I was struck by its rich cultural flavour. It is a developed country with very liberal laws. Local Bolashak students are very friendly and cohesive and help “newcomers” to get comfortable. Kazakh Association of students in Toronto is in good attitude with the local Kazakh expat community and together we celebrate many Kazakh holidays such as Independence Day or Nauryz.

It helps me in many ways to feel closer to home and native culture, as the first time isolation from family and friends in a foreign country is felt especially edgy. Kazakh people show themselves in the best way in their studies and for example, in our language school having a reputation of the most intelligent, educated and capable students. Overall, arrival to Canada is one of my best experiences in my life.
Looking back on the chain of events, I realize that it is not just luck or coincidence. I’ve always been ambitious and didn’t not afraid of difficulties, each thing I started with full dedication and failure only strengthened the desire to achieve aim. Therefore, I wish all students of KSTU great faith in yourself and your strength! Please do not stop at achievement and reach for higher aims, because many things that are now were someone’s dream.

Smailova Saule student  of AaA-08-3, owner of the international scholarship «Bolashak».