During excursion by University a number of socially important innovations developed by scientists of University has been presented to visitors: « Technology of intensive extraction of methane», «Hydrodynamic heaters», «Pneumolifts»,

«System of a safety of construction and operation of buildings and constructions», «Passive houses», «Development of gas-purifying equipment», «planetary mill for extraction of valuable metals from production wastes », etc.

The special impression on representatives of joint-stock company NС SEK

” Saryarka ” was made with the Zone of high technologies of KSTU in which a student’s design-technological bureau, Laboratory of an engineering structure «Complex development of resources of mineral raw material», the Center of working trades and the Kazakhstan college of welding were placed.

By results of the meeting of rector of KSTU, academician of NAS A.M.Gazaliev and the chairman of the board of joint-stock company NC SEC

«Saryarka» G.T.Rahimzhanov the Memorandum of creative cooperation on progress of state-private partnership with objective of increase of efficiency of integration of formation, a science and the manufacture, the preparation of experts directed on improvement of quality and creation of innovations at a level of world scientific achievements on the basis of association of means and creative potentials of two organizations is signed by rector of KSTU.

3. With objective of brining-up of patriotism feeling at Kazakhstan modern youth to leave with the reference to guide of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the offer of financing of shootings of full-length documentary and art films about the person of the political figure XVII – XVIII centuries Kazybek-bi.

4. Considering merits of Kazybek-bi before Fatherland in the successful decision of questions on protection of territory of Kazakhstan in the first quarter of XVIII century to initiate at the country guide`s level of creation of distinctions with its image (awards, medals, a badge, gratuity sign) for the workers of diplomatic services of the Republic of Kazakhstan succeeded and succeeding in realization of diplomatic missions.