Saken Seifullin’s scholars

Wise thoughts about education


29831Today it is important to look at educational processes broader as much as possible.
Each person must be imparted with ability to do, to learn, to live, to live together in the modern world.


84d90e6158667c7fcb764a64a765fbf0First of all it’s necessary to give person the education: without it received knowledge ill not harm humanity.


29831That, who imagines that he can do without other people – is very mistaken and that, who imagines that others can’t do without him – is mistaken even more.

(François de La Rochefoucauld) 

29831Every man is born for some task. Everyone who walks on the earth has its own responsibilities in life.

Ernest Hemingway 

29831All main parts of the progress are closely connected among themselves, none of them can be canceled, without risking building of civilization; progress is indivisible.
But a special role in progress mechanism play intellectual, spiritual factors. The underestimation of these factors can lead perversion of progress ways or even to its end, to stagnation. Progress is possible and safe only under control of Mind.


29831We need in generation of people with free minds and free thinking. These people exactly will make our world better.

Dan Shechtman 

29831We live in innovations era, there never were so many innovators in the world, how many now; they will develop business, so the prospects of that we go back to the previous welfare are very big.

Edmund Phelps 

29831Upbringing – is a matter of conscience; education – is a matter of science. Later in fully formed man both these kinds of perception fill up each other.

Victor Hugo 

29831I understand patriotism in this way: according to abilities a man should try to enlighten population. Do everything that may be good for own country. State and country should strive to education of population.

Vitaly Ginzburg 

29831We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right

Nelson Mandela 

29831The main task of the man – is to give life himself, to become what he is potentially. The most important effort of his efforts – his own personality.

(Erich Fromm)

29831To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.
Theodore Roosevelt