Rules of design and submission of articles in magazine “University works

Rules of design and submission of articles in magazine “University works


Articled is presented to edition in two copies, UDC index is identified, annotation is presented in Russian, Kazakh and Russian languages, floppy disc with files is presented. Dimension of the article must not be less than 6 or 10 pages of typewritten text. Text of the article is printed in single space, on one side of the paper format A4, margins of all sides 2 sm, pages are numbered. It is necessary to print the text in redactor Word 2003, 2007 with font Times New Roman, size of the font – 14. It is essential to explain all letter signs shown on the pictures basically or under picture text. Only formulas and equations that have link in the further consideration should be numbered.

Computer graphics is recommended. Pictures may have expansion compatible with Word 97, Word 2003, Word 2007, i.е. CDR, JPG, PCD, TIF, BMP. Font Arial should be applied for pictures. Size of the font is 14. Pictures must be of good quality. It is recommended to use font Times New Roman, size of the font 14.

Formulas should be typed in MathType or Equation formulators. There mustn’t be any complicated or tedious formulas and equations in the article, also intermediate mathematical calculations. All abbreviations and symbols in formulae should be defined, dimensions of physical quantities should be given in the SI system, names of the foreign companies, their products and instruments in transcription of the original source with country indication.

The list of literature (only organically connected with article) is made in the order of citation and is given at the end of article. References to literature in the test are marked with ordinal numbers in square brackets, exactly [1, 2]. Certificates of authorship in the list of literature are made out as follows: number of c.a., name, year and № «Bulletin of inventions».

At the end of article it is necessary to indicate the name of organization, where work, contact phone, fax and e-mail are done.

The article should be signed by all authors with pointing out academic degree, work and home phones and addresses. Publication of incorrectly prepared articles is delayed.

Article should be of author’s character, i.e. belong personally to author or group of authors, the number of last mustn’t be more than five. In one number of the magazine should be issued not more than one article of one author. In exceptional cases by decision of the edition council there can be published more than one article of one author.

Preference is given to articles that have research character and elements of scientific novelty. It is recommended to confirm analytical results of the scientific researches with experimental data or results of imitation modeling.

Article must have completed character, it is recommended to show brief story of the issue, set a task, define methodology of its solution, show results  of task solution, make  finding and conclusions and list of the literature. It is not allowed to use fragments of the texts, pictures or graphics from works of other authors (or from Internet) in the articles without references to the.

It is necessary to pay 1800 with receipt one copy for publication the article. If the quantity of authors in one article are 2 or more people, the payment for publication is not less than 2 copies of the magazine.

The article published in two copies is added by annotation containing not less than 7 sentences, key words –not more than 15 words (not word combinations), information about authors. All files are recorded on CD – disc, check for article payment is applied (it is possible to pay for several articles) in Centre credit bank, for KSTU account showed below. Full set is given to Head of RIO KSTU – Iskakova Roza Spartakovna (IV building, aud.208).

Article is sent to the review of one of the members of edition council of the magazine and in case of positive result it will be published in order of turn (in nearest or next number of the magazine).

Address for connection with edition:

Post address: 100027, Karaganda, Bulvar Mira, 56, IV building, aud. 107, responsible secretary of edition council of magazine «University works», Doct.Tech.Sci., professor of APP department of KSTU Feshin Boris Nikolayevich.

Address: e-mail:,

Phone: 8-7212-56-53-25

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Republican state enterprise on the right of economic directing “Karaganda state technical university” MES RK

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