Round table on the topic “Kazakh khanate: legal aspect”

On April  10, 2015 in the dormitory of the University  “Armandastar” at 16.00 there will be a round table dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh khanate on the topic “Kazakh khanate: legal aspect”.

Aim: to examine the stages of formation of the legal system of the Kazakh khanate, to arouse the interest of students in studying the history of Kazakhstan and to promote a sense of pride and patriotism, love for their Homeland.

The round table will be attended by staff of the Department of history of Kazakhstan  Z. G. Saktaganova, PhD, Professor, M. M. Karasartova, senior lecturer of department of  SHD N. Zh. Sarsenbekov, and students of KSTU, KSMU and KSU named after E. A. Buketov.

The event will discuss such issues as the origins of  law in the Kazakh khanate; the need for the adoption of codes of law under Kasim Khan, ESIM Khan, Tauke Khan; will be discussed  democracy and legal system of the Kazakh khanate; what is the ratio of the legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh khanate.


In the preparation and conduct of the round table attended by dormitory students of all specialties of the University.